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The Pacific northwest state of Washington has always slipped a little under the radar in terms of quality skilled nursing. Washington nursing homes have a reputation for providing quality short term care or long-term care cheaper than nearby California, yet with the same high standard of living.

Prices for long term care in Washington rank a little above the national average yet are not so costly to divert your average senior citizen just seeking a quality retirement home in Washington. Skilled nursing facilities in Washington are reputable for offering a good combination of amenities and service along with clean and orderly rooms.

Washington Nursing Home Costs

Washington nursing home costs do vary depending on the part of the state you or a loved one wants to live in. For example, there can be an overwhelming difference of $350 per day in cost, depending on one nursing home in Washington to the next. In some parts of the upscale Bremerton-Silverdale area, residents can spend as much as $525 per day.

However, that figure is the exception as most quality skilled nursing care in Washington ranges much closer to $250 to $270 per day. Affordable nursing homes in Washington can even be found for $180 per or less in Olympia-Tumwater.

Overall, the average for a semi-private retirement home room is $266 per day and a private room at a Washington long term care facility costs $289 per day. The communities of Longview ($237 per day), Yakima ($209 per day), Bellingham ($250 per day) and Kennewick-Richland ($258 per day) are other affordable nursing home options. Seattle-Tacoma and Spokane typically cost a little more per day at $276 and $286 per day, on average.

Please note Washington nursing homes do not accept Medicare for long term care. However, some short-term care in Washington or rehabilitation may accept Medicare. You will need to inquire with the individual Washington skilled nursing facility.

Washington Nursing Home / Skilled Nursing - Amenities

Washington nursing homes provide all the standard amenities of quality skilled nursing and then some. Including at least three well-balanced meals per day, regularly scheduled activities, management of meds, assistance with daily functions (getting in and out of bed, bathing, using the restroom, etc.), routine checkups, therapy, rehabilitation and specialized treatment, Washington nursing homes feature excellent staff with plenty of experience and knowledge.

Washington long term care homes also provided extended, flexible visiting hours for friends and family, and do a good job of maintaining contact with loved ones if any serious issues arise. When shopping around for quality retirement homes in Washington, be sure to ask lots of questions and request a personal tour of facility grounds. It will give you a direct, personal view of the day to day operations of the retirement or skilled nursing facility.

Washington nursing homes provide a nice balance of reasonable rates, great location, scenic views, talented nurses and support staff, clean rooms, variety of activities and good tasting meals. If you can’t afford parts of California or Oregon, then Washington nursing homes are a great alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nursing Homes in Washington

What services do nursing homes in Washington provide?

Nursing homes in Washington offer a range of services, including 24-hour nursing care, assistance with activities of daily living, medication management, rehabilitation therapies, and social activities. These facilities are equipped to care for individuals with complex medical needs.

What are the admission requirements for nursing homes in Washington?

Admission requirements for nursing homes in Washington typically include a comprehensive assessment of the individual's medical and functional needs. A healthcare professional evaluates whether the level of care provided by the nursing home is suitable for the prospective resident. Additionally, financial considerations, such as Medicaid eligibility, may affect admission.

How much does it cost to stay in a nursing home in Washington?

The cost of staying in a nursing home in Washington varies depending on factors such as location, level of care required, and facility amenities. On average, the monthly cost for nursing homes in Washington can range from $8,000 to $12,000. It's important to note that Medicaid may cover some of these costs for eligible individuals.

Are there different types of nursing homes in Washington?

Yes, there are different types of nursing homes in Washington to meet various needs. Skilled nursing facilities provide medical care and rehabilitation, while long-term care facilities offer extended stays for those who require ongoing assistance. Some facilities specialize in memory care for individuals with Alzheimer's or dementia.

What is the difference between nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Washington?

Nursing homes in Washington offer higher levels of medical care and assistance with daily activities compared to assisted living facilities. Nursing homes are designed for individuals with more complex medical needs, while assisted living facilities provide a more independent living environment with fewer medical services.

What is the average length of stay in a nursing home in Washington?

The average length of stay in a nursing home in Washington varies based on individual needs. Some individuals may stay for a few months while recovering from an injury or illness, while others may require long-term care for several years. The duration of stay is determined by the resident's condition and care goals.

Do nursing homes in Washington offer specialized care for specific medical conditions?

Yes, many nursing homes in Washington provide specialized care for specific medical conditions. This can include care for individuals with chronic illnesses, post-surgery rehabilitation, stroke recovery, and more. Facilities often have healthcare professionals and therapists on staff to address specialized care needs.

How can I find a suitable nursing home in Washington for my loved one?

Finding a suitable nursing home in Washington involves research, facility visits, and discussions with healthcare professionals. Consider factors such as location, quality of care, staff qualifications, and resident reviews. Additionally, consult with your loved one's healthcare provider for recommendations and guidance in the selection process.

Are nursing homes in Washington regulated and inspected?

Yes, nursing homes in Washington are regulated and inspected by state and federal agencies. The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) oversees the licensing and regulation of nursing homes to ensure compliance with safety and quality standards. Federal agencies like the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) also conduct regular inspections and provide ratings for nursing homes.

Can residents in nursing homes in Washington maintain their independence?

Nursing homes in Washington strive to preserve residents' independence to the extent possible. While some residents may require extensive care and assistance, others may maintain a higher level of independence. The care plans are individualized to support each resident's unique needs and preferences.

What social and recreational activities are available for residents in nursing homes in Washington?

Nursing homes in Washington offer a variety of social and recreational activities to enhance residents' quality of life. These activities may include arts and crafts, musical performances, exercise classes, outings to local attractions, and social gatherings. Activities are designed to cater to residents' interests and abilities.

Is there a waiting list for admission to nursing homes in Washington?

Some nursing homes in Washington may have waiting lists for admission, especially if they are in high demand or offer specialized care services. It's advisable to plan ahead and inquire about availability well in advance to secure a spot when needed. Facilities often have a process for placing individuals on the waiting list.

Are nursing homes in Washington pet-friendly?

Some nursing homes in Washington may be pet-friendly, allowing residents to have pets in their rooms or designated areas. However, policies regarding pets vary by facility. Residents interested in having pets should inquire about specific pet policies and any associated fees or restrictions at the nursing home they are considering.

How do nursing homes in Washington ensure the safety and security of residents?

Nursing homes in Washington prioritize the safety and security of their residents. They often have security measures in place, such as secure entrances, surveillance cameras, and trained staff to monitor the premises. Staff members are trained to respond to emergencies and ensure residents' well-being, and safety protocols are regularly reviewed and updated.

Can residents in nursing homes receive visitors in Washington?

Visitation policies in nursing homes in Washington may vary, especially during public health emergencies. Generally, nursing homes encourage family and friends to visit their loved ones. However, there may be specific visiting hours or guidelines in place to ensure the safety and well-being of residents. Communication with the nursing home's staff is essential to stay updated on visitation policies.

Do nursing homes in Washington provide transportation services for medical appointments?

Many nursing homes in Washington offer transportation services for medical appointments. They may have vehicles equipped to accommodate residents with mobility challenges. This service ensures that residents can access necessary medical care and appointments conveniently and safely.

Are nursing homes in Washington required to have registered nurses on staff?

Yes, nursing homes in Washington are generally required to have registered nurses (RNs) on staff to provide and oversee medical care. RNs play a crucial role in assessing residents' health, administering medications, and coordinating care plans. The presence of trained healthcare professionals is essential to meet residents' medical needs.

What rights do residents have in nursing homes in Washington?

Residents in nursing homes in Washington have certain rights, including the right to dignity, privacy, and respect. They have the right to participate in their care plans, make decisions about their medical treatment, and voice grievances. These rights are protected by state and federal laws, and nursing homes must uphold them.

Can residents in nursing homes bring their own furniture and personal belongings?

Yes, residents in nursing homes in Washington are typically allowed to bring their own furniture and personal belongings to make their living space feel more like home. This includes items such as clothing, photographs, and cherished possessions. Staff can assist residents in arranging their rooms to accommodate their personal items.

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