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Arkansas is a smaller state in the south with only 3 million residents as of last year. Its diverse territory offers everything that active senior citizens and 55+ adults can wish for, including mountainous regions of the Ozark and Ouachita Mountains and the densely forested area referred to as the Arkansas Timberlands along with the Arkansas Delta and Mississippi river that flows into the state.

Arkansas is lovingly called The Natural State, thanks to the abundance of state parks and memorable scenery. It is nestled amid larger locations such as Memphis and Dallas with the Gulf Coast just a short drive away. While close enough for entertainment, the calm nature of Arkansas makes it an attractive choice for retirees. If you or your loved one are looking for culture, fine dining, and a break from the hustle and bustle, independent senior living in the state is worth considering.

Fittingly, there is a little of everything to do here depending if seniors want to live in a more rural, mountainous city or prefer to reside by where more of the action is, like busy places such as Little Rock, Pine Bluff, Jonesboro, Fayetteville, Springdale or Fort Smith.

Along with its territory, the state of Arkansas features a variety of senior apartments for rent along with more tradition housing in the forms of shared independent communities branded as condos or townhomes. And, because Arkansas has a lower cost of living than most states in America, you will also spend less on senior housing here too.

Senior living facilities in Arkansas generally provide open floor plans that are designed specifically for retirees and the elderly. The floors are traditionally constructed to be non-slip with other handicap features such as boarding ramps to the entrance and single-story units so traveling upstairs is a non-issue.

Arkansas senior housing and apartments also include other amenities like a fitness center, community center for games, meetings and other events, along with small grass areas in the commons for your pet, if the complex allows animals such as dogs or cats.

Picking out a senior living community can be overwhelming on the surface. Many Arkansas seniors simply don’t know where to start. Aside from knowing what to consider when thinking about where to retire, asking where to start and what to look for can be equally confusing. Senior living communities in Arkansas come in a range of options from active lifestyle neighborhoods for those 55+ to more sedate communities that offer continuing care. The cost of senior independent living in the state is slightly higher than the national average, however, the sheer number of benefits provided make up for the cost of living.

Types of Senior Communities in Arkansas

Just over 19% of the entire Arkansas population is retired seniors. The state offers premium healthcare and is known to be one of the jolliest areas in the country. This makes independent senior communities in Arkansas even more attractive for seniors relocating from outside the metro area. Along with basic Southern hospitality and delicious dining, the state offers a diverse range of senior living communities to choose from.

With more people set to retire in the coming years than any generation before, the need for a wide range of communities is clear. There are age-targeted communities in Arkansas as well as age-restricted communities. Luxury retirement communities and those that cater to specific personalities are also available. Pet-friendly, LGBTQ+, faith-based, and even artist-targeted retirement communities are just a few of the many options to choose from in Arkansas.

Independent Senior Living in Arkansas

The most important thing to consider is what you or a loved one needs now and what their needs may be in the future. Most retired seniors are still highly independent and want to remain independent as long as possible. Retirement communities in Arkansas allow seniors to shed the hassle of owning and maintaining a large home in favor of spending more time on the hobbies they love. Active seniors who are able to care for themselves but want to maintain a social lifestyle with help nearby are great candidates for independent senior communities. Most of these locations offer housekeeping services, yard maintenance, and even home maintenance for the community as a whole.

That being said, many independent living communities offer the option to transfer to comparable care facilities nearby. This includes skilled nursing care, assisted living homes, and even memory care communities that offer stricter safety measures.

Age-Restricted Retirement Communities in Arkansas

Age-restricted communities were established prior to the Fair Housing Act of 1968. This form of housing was incorporated into the law and has created a great opportunity for seniors entering retirement to get the most out of their golden years. These communities are restricted to residents either 55+ or 62+ depending on the specific community. While residents may have visitors at any time, actually residing within these communities is reserved for those who qualify. This means that seniors are able to enjoy lower crime rates and have access to more affordable housing in an area that is built with their needs in mind.

55+ Communities for Seniors

Those who have hit their mid-50s have probably started thinking about retirement. Moving is never easy, and it only gets more difficult with age. 55+ communities in Arkansas are a great opportunity for those with an eye on retirement to set the tone for their golden years. In most cases, these communities are age-targeted, which means that there may be some families living within the community. Other 55+ senior communities are age-restricted, which means that at least one of the spouses/partners will need to be 55+ in order to be accepted into the community. Age restrictive 55+ communities typically don’t accept residents that have children living in the home. The advantage of these communities is that most residents are in a similar place in life and can build friendships within the community to last through their golden years. Dining, easy access to entertainment, nearby medical care and social calendars are also common in 55+ senior communities.

62+ Retirement Communities

Getting older doesn’t mean that you automatically need to move into a senior assisted care facility. There are many active seniors still in the workforce and those who have recently retired who simply want to take things slower. The 62+ living experience has been redefined in 62+ retirement communities. Seniors are able to live independently while also being part of a structured retirement community. From planned social activities to health and wellness classes, the possibilities are endless. In Arkansas, seniors can choose floor plans or even separate accommodations that align with their lifestyle needs. Seniors are able to choose apartment-style living in a community with other seniors. There are social activities, easy access to healthcare, transportation, and much more. Though they are similar to 55+ communities, the starting age for entry is higher and the available accommodations tend to be more grouped together as opposed to single housing.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities in Arkansas

Life-care communities are a great option for seniors who are interested in aging in place. (place) is one of the most popular options in Arkansas by far. These types of communities are intended for active seniors who want to remain with their friends and in the same community as they grow older. Continuing care communities offer an environment that supports independent living as well as more intensive senior care down the line. In most cases, there are memory care units or homes within the community as well as assisted living homes for advanced residents. There is easy access to fitness facilities, medical care, and even skilled nursing. Like most senior communities, housekeeping, dining options, and even shopping is available within the community or nearby. There are often rules about when a senior is able to first “enter” or move into a continuing care community in order to qualify for skilled care services.

Is There A Difference Between Arkansas Senior Living Facilities & Senior Communities?

For seniors, there are a lot of options to consider when it comes to retirement in Arkansas. From choosing what to do with your time to learning which healthcare plans will provide the most coverage. Living arrangements in Arkansas are also a critical point for seniors. Should you age in place in your own home or move to a retirement community? Or, is it worth looking into a senior care facility? Each of these options has its own benefits, though most people don’t realize there is a big difference between a senior living community and a senior care facility.

Senior living communities are neighborhoods where seniors can live and interact with each other. They have facilities for dining, entertainment, recreation, and much more. It allows them a chance to build friendships in their golden years and create lasting memories as they age. Senior care facilities are targeted toward seniors who need a more comprehensive level of care. The living arrangements are shared as opposed to having independent homes. Think along the lines of seniors living in a skilled nursing care facility or a memory care facility with several other residents. In short, communities are independent living neighborhoods or apartments for seniors, while facilities are buildings with shared or private rooms for seniors.

Luxury Senior Living Communities in Arkansas

Living a life of luxury following retirement is the dream of many seniors in Arkansas. Thankfully, there are luxury senior living communities within the state that fill this niche. Sunshine Retirement Living is one of the most popular options for seniors who prefer an even greater life of ease. However, there are plenty more high-end retirement communities to choose from. Most luxury communities offer resort-style living, plush accommodations, and picturesque placement. Shopping, concierge medical care, access to cultural venues, and fine dining are a few more of the available amenities. Seniors will be able to take advantage of the temperate weather in Arkansas while also accessing all of the perks the metro area has to offer. Like minded seniors make up the rest of the community where seniors will be able to forge friendships that last a lifetime.

Popular Senior Retirement Communities in Arkansas

Now that you have some of the basics of retirement communities in mind, it may be time to start looking for one to call your own. Hot Springs Village is one of the largest and most popular retirement communities in the state. It is located on 26,000 acres of land and offers a range of both budget and luxury living options for older adults. The Atrium at Serenity Pointe is another great option. This community offers continuing care so seniors can enter as active adults and age in place as their care needs mature. There are many other great senior living communities in the state to choose from.

Low Income Senior Housing in Arkansas

The state of Arkansas is within the Top 10 of the Most Affordable Housing for Seniors in the United States. The average cost for independent living communities in Arkansas (not including assisted living facilities) is just over $2,000 per month. Low income seniors living on a fixed income can find apartments in Arkansas that cost just over $1,000 per month, and those with a little more to spend can live in luxury senior apartment units that max out at $3,500 per month (a figure that is around the national average for other states).

Senior living in Arkansas is more expensive in the Little Rock and Pine Bluff areas because they are two of the more sought-after cities to live in. More reasonable prices for senior living apartments can be found in the Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers metropolitan area as well as more small-town, rural sections of Arkansas. Regardless, with an average home value of only $114,200, affordable senior housing for rent in Arkansas is plentiful and everywhere!

The biggest misconception is that there is little to do in Arkansas. The state actually has a surprising number of outdoor recreational opportunities for 55+ retirees and is often overlooked when compared to other states in the south. Hunting and golf are especially popular in “The Natural State”. If you are seeking a quality senior housing complex with cheap prices and plenty to do outside than you are probably overlooking Arkansas senior living facilities.

Need a place that supports pets where other residents have pets that your dog or cat can mingle with? There are many pet-friendly independent living complexes throughout Arkansas, but make sure you check with management prior to signing a lease to understand regulations, restrictions and any extra fees associated with bringing a pet with you.

Common Questions About Senior Living Communities in Arkansas

1. What types of senior living options are available in Arkansas?

Arkansas offers a variety of senior living options including independent living, assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing facilities. Cities such as Little Rock, Fayetteville, and Hot Springs provide numerous communities tailored to these needs.

2. How much does senior living cost on average in Arkansas?

The cost of senior living in Arkansas varies depending on the type of community and location. On average, assisted living can range from $3,000 to $4,000 per month. Cities such as Bentonville and Rogers tend to have slightly higher costs due to increased amenities and demand.

3. Are there senior living communities with specialized memory care programs in Arkansas?

Yes, Arkansas is home to senior living communities with specialized memory care programs for individuals with Alzheimer's and dementia. Notable cities like Conway, Springdale, and Fort Smith have reputable facilities offering comprehensive memory care services.

4. What amenities can I expect in senior living communities in Arkansas?

Senior living communities in Arkansas provide a range of amenities including fitness centers, communal dining, recreational activities, and transportation services. Communities in cities like North Little Rock and Benton offer a variety of facilities to enhance residents' quality of life.

5. How do I choose the right senior living community in Arkansas?

Choosing the ideal senior living community in Arkansas involves considering factors such as location, services, costs, and reputation. Research options in cities like Jonesboro and Conway, read reviews, and visit communities to make an informed decision.

6. Are there senior living options that provide both independent and assisted living services in Arkansas?

Absolutely, many senior living communities in Arkansas offer a continuum of care, encompassing both independent and assisted living services. Cities like Hot Springs and Fayetteville feature communities that allow residents to seamlessly transition between care levels as needed.

7. Do senior living communities in Arkansas organize social activities for residents?

Yes, senior living communities in Arkansas frequently arrange various social activities for residents. You'll find a rich calendar of events, outings, and opportunities for socializing and engagement in cities like Rogers and Springdale.

8. What is the availability of skilled nursing care in senior living communities?

Many senior living communities in Arkansas offer skilled nursing care for residents requiring medical attention and monitoring. Cities such as Little Rock and North Little Rock are home to communities providing comprehensive skilled nursing services as part of their care offerings.

9. Are there income-based senior living options in Arkansas?

Yes, Arkansas provides income-based senior living options through programs like Medicaid and subsidized housing. Communities in cities like Pine Bluff and Texarkana participate in these programs, ensuring seniors with limited financial resources can access quality care.

10. How can I arrange a tour of a senior living community in Arkansas?

To arrange a tour of a senior living community in Arkansas, simply contact the community's management directly. Most communities, whether in cities like Conway or Hot Springs, welcome prospective residents and their families for tours to explore facilities and ask questions.

11. Are there age restrictions to qualify for senior living communities in Arkansas?

Yes, senior living communities in Arkansas often have age restrictions, typically requiring residents to be at least 55 or 62 years old. Communities in cities such as Fort Smith and Bentonville implement these requirements to ensure a shared lifestyle among residents.

12. What healthcare services are available in senior living communities?

Senior living communities in Arkansas offer a range of healthcare services including medication management, wellness checks, and assistance with daily activities. In cities like Fayetteville and Little Rock, communities have dedicated staff to address residents' healthcare needs.

13. Do senior living communities in Arkansas accommodate dietary preferences?

Yes, many senior living communities in Arkansas accommodate dietary preferences and restrictions. Cities like Jonesboro and Benton have communities that offer tailored meal plans, ensuring seniors' specific dietary needs are met for their well-being and enjoyment.

14. How do I know if a senior living community is licensed and regulated?

You can verify the licensing and regulation of senior living communities in Arkansas through the state's Department of Human Services. Reputable communities in cities like Little Rock and Conway adhere to state regulations, ensuring residents' safety and quality of care.

15. Are there transportation services available for seniors in senior living communities?

Yes, many senior living communities in Arkansas offer transportation services to help seniors reach appointments, run errands, and engage in outings. Communities in cities such as Hot Springs and Rogers provide transportation as a convenience to promote residents' independence.

16. What recreational activities are popular in senior living communities?

Senior living communities in Arkansas offer a variety of recreational activities including arts and crafts, gardening, fitness classes, and game nights. Residents of cities like Springdale and North Little Rock enjoy diverse activity programs that cater to various interests.

17. Can I bring my own furniture and belongings to a senior living apartment?

Certainly, you can bring your own furniture and belongings to a senior living apartment in Arkansas. Communities in cities like Pine Bluff and Texarkana encourage residents to personalize their living spaces, creating a comfortable and familiar environment.

18. What is the difference between independent living and assisted living?

Independent living in Arkansas provides a more self-sufficient lifestyle for seniors, whereas assisted living offers additional support with daily activities. Cities such as Fayetteville and Little Rock offer both options, allowing seniors to choose the level of care that suits their needs.

19. Are there options for short-term stays or trial periods in senior living communities?

Yes, many senior living communities in Arkansas offer short-term stays or trial periods, allowing individuals to experience community life before committing. Cities such as Bentonville and Conway provide these options, enabling seniors to make informed decisions about their long-term residency.

20. Are there pet-friendly senior living communities in Arkansas?

Certainly, many senior living communities in Arkansas are pet-friendly. Cities such as Conway, Jonesboro, and Fort Smith offer options that allow residents to bring their beloved pets, contributing to a more home-like atmosphere for seniors.

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