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Indiana is your classic Midwestern state for seniors who are not interested in living in a gigantic city and like a slower pace to life. It may not be as attractive for some retirees as nearby Illinois and Michigan, yet Indiana deserves your consideration as a legitimate place to retire, considering its low cost of living.

“The Hoosier State” offers a small town feel with lots of sports and entertainment. Middle of the road in terms of population, Indiana offers a big-time sports environment as its largest city, Indianapolis, is home to the Colts (NFL) and Pacers (NBA). Indiana is also considered a Midwestern mecca for basketball, as its high school sports scene and college team, the University of Indiana Hoosiers, are very celebrated. The Indianapolis 500 and Brickyard 400 motorsports races also take place here. Many older adults who are sports fan will find Indiana as their ideal place to retire.

Why spend more money elsewhere when you can save and spend that money on shopping, dining, entertainment or travel? Indiana presents senior citizens the opportunity to do exactly that. Not only is the cost of living down in the state, but groceries and other commodities are also cheaper.

Senior living apartments in Indiana feature excellent floor plans designed specifically for the elderly. The more politically conservative landscape provides community events and functions for all activities and niches. At certain senior citizen apartment complexes in Indiana, community pools or spas are also highlighted. Some senior rental units are pet-friendly (usually at an extra monthly fee as well as deposit) and make a great home for your dog or cat as well.

Indiana offers four distinct seasons which may be refreshing to some older adults that do not want the warm, humid four seasons of Florida or busier nature of California. If that is not an issue, check to make sure that the utilities are rock solid, and that your new residence is well insulated and keeps the warmth inside during the cold winter.

Affordable Senior Living in Indiana

Basic senior living costs in Indiana: senior housing and apartments for rent in Indiana start at $900 and extend to $1,500 per month. Most of these units are basic, yet provide a quality housing environment for seniors that is safe and friendly. Most of Indiana has low crime rates and definitely appeals to seniors with a conservative outlook on life.

Luxury senior living costs in Indiana: more luxurious senior apartments, condos and townhouses can reach up to $4,000 to $5,500 per month if you really want that ultimate experience. All in all, the monthly average in the state of Indiana for senior housing is about $2,100 per month. Some of these units include the cost of utilities (heating, electricity, trash, water) in the monthly cost.

Senior Living Communities in Indiana

Indiana is well known as being an active state that is full of seasonal festivals, good food, and plenty of historic landmarks. Seniors interested in spending their golden years as active adults will enjoy moving to a senior living community within the state. Residents can take their grandchildren to visit the Children’s Museum, or they can spend time on one of the many gold courses in the state. For a bit of adventure, seniors can visit the casinos or catch up with the Hoosiers or the Colts at the sports centers. No matter what a senior's interest may be, there is sure to be a senior living community in Indiana that will meet their needs.

Types of Senior Living Communities in Indiana

Retirement is typically the time for seniors to travel, spend time with family, or pursue their passions. However, living in a big city or managing a large home can put a damper on those plans. Thankfully, there is a solution for Indiana seniors who want to spend their golden years in comfort surrounded by others on the same journey. Senior living communities are residential neighborhoods or sometimes gated communities in which mature adults reside. These communities cater to the needs of mature adults and seniors specifically. Most often only those aged 55 and up, or in some cases, 62 and up are allowed to live within the community. There are luxury senior living communities and faith-based communities among many other targeted options. We will cover some of the most common senior living communities in Indiana in more detail below.

Independent Senior Living Communities in Indiana

In Indiana independent senior living communities are made up of homes and accommodations that have been crafted with mature adults in mind. The area is age restricted, which means that only residents 55 and older are allowed to reside within them. There are fewer home maintenance responsibilities since the homes are smaller as well. The layout is senior-friendly and easy to navigate. Senior living communities that offer independent living are intended for older adults who are in good health and able to care for themselves. As such, there are seldom any healthcare services within the community itself, though there may be easy access nearby.

Independent senior living communities have a lot of other perks to offer Indiana seniors. Most communities offer social clubs, fitness centers, golf courses, or other interest groups & events for their resident’s enjoyment. In-community dining options and local wellness and grooming centers are also available. Housekeeping and laundry services are also available within the community for seniors to enjoy.

Age-Restricted Senior Living Communities in Indiana

Senior living communities that are age-restricted are created with mature adults and seniors in mind. Residents over the age of 55 are the target market and most considering becoming residents are looking to downsize from a larger home. Age-restricted communities are intended for able-bodied older adults in Indiana who want to simplify their lives as they move into retirement. The benefits of moving to such a community are profound. Seniors are able to surround themselves with neighbors who are in a similar place in life. Community maintenance and other perks such as fitness centers and senior-friendly accommodations are also a big draw.

• 55+ Communities in Indiana

The Federal Fair Housing Act prevents housing discrimination; however, it doesn’t apply to age restrictions. These communities are solely for mature adults 55 years of age or older and their partners. In some cases, there may be age limits also applied to the spouse, though rules will differ between communities. 55+ senior living communities offer a lot of benefits that are not found in other neighborhoods. Active communities for adults 55 and up tend to be much safer than other urban areas. Though not all senior living communities of this type are gated, most are. The layout of the homes, the amenities offered, and even the tax rates are all more senior-friendly than other urban areas.

• 62+ Communities in Indiana

Indiana 62+ senior living communities are built more affordably and often have a higher grade of amenities. The senior-friendly residences are smaller which makes them easier to maintain. Due to the lack of schools and child-oriented services in the community, taxes and other state expenses tend to be lower. As most residents are empty-nesters, residents will be able to foster meaningful relationships based on shared experiences that will last through the golden years. These communities may sometimes offer CCRC services which will enable seniors to age within the same community as their care needs change. However, even a short-term stay for a senior's golden years can be highly beneficial.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities in Indiana

Many seniors want to downsize their accommodations and move into a senior living community term. Most age-restricted senior living communities are centered on able-bodied mature adults who can manage their own care. As seniors age, most will need at least a moderate amount of assistance, or in some cases, much more intensive care. Continuing care senior living communities in Indiana offer older adults an opportunity to age in place after moving to a community as healthy older adults. Continuing care communities offer memory care facilities, assisted living wards, and even skilled nursing care accommodations within the community itself. These communities often have a one-time entrance fee as well as a requirement that seniors enter as independent adults. However, they are able to stay in the community as their care needs change.

Popular Senior Living Communities in Indiana

Choosing a place to relocate once you retire is not always easy. Thankfully, we are here to make things more efficient. We have put together a list of five of the most popular senior living communities in Indiana.

Vandalia by Del Webb

Active seniors and older adults looking for a robust community to join will be happy to be a part of the Vandalia senior living community. With more than 500 homes for active adults, seniors can enjoy their retirement in style. There are beautiful views, warm weather, and easy access to entertainment in and around the community. A social director is on hand to schedule planned activities for the residents all year round. There are also various hobby classes and wellness options such as water aerobics, yoga, and Tai Chi available for residents to enjoy. Oak Tree Golf Course is nearby for seniors who want to spend time on the green and shopping is within driving distance as well.

Osborne Trails

Seniors who enjoy the great outdoors and the quiet of nature will love the Osborne Trails senior living community. This age-restricted community consists of just under 500 homes that were built with seniors' needs in mind. Each residence is low maintenance but offers high-end amenities so seniors can enjoy their retirement in style. Common attractions include a community clubhouse, fitness centers, event spaces, pools, and even outdoor fire pits for fair-weather grilling. There are a generous number of scenic trails in the area and the natural collection of lakes and trees is a retiree's dream. There are several healthcare centers nearby, including Riverview Health Westfield Hospital. For local dining, popular spots like Big Hoffa’s Smokehouse and the Italian House on Park are just a few minutes away.


Mature adults looking to downsize their life and relocated within a community of like-minded people will enjoy Kimblewick in Indiana. The senior living community features resort-style amenities and planned social events to keep residents engaged. Along with spacious single-family dwellings, there are wellness centers, multipurpose rooms, and even a public-use clubhouse within the community. There is a golf club, wine club, and even arts & crafts classes to ensure every resident can pursue their hobbies within the community. There are ample shopping malls and grocery stores within a short drive of the community in addition to Riverview Health Westfield Hospital and Kindred Hospital Indianapolis for healthcare.

Forest Creek Village

Mature adults interested in living in a peaceful community without giving up their independence will enjoy Forest Creek Village. This senior living community offers both attached and single-family homes that are low-maintenance and senior-friendly. There are a variety of activities offered within the community and nearby such as golfing, crafting, wellness classes, and even music retreats. There are many entertainment options to choose from in the area such as the Lucas Oil Stadium, The Rhythm Discovery Center, and even the Indiana State Museum.

The Courtyards of Carmel

Seniors in Indiana looking for a comfortable age-restricted community that is also budget-friendly will enjoy The Courtyards of Carmel. There are 150 single-family homes, several pools, a fitness center, and a community clubhouse for residents to enjoy. Ideally located just 30 minutes away from the downtown capitol, seniors will have the best of city living and countryside serenity all in one place. The senior living community is set up to resemble a mid-range resort, and the grounds offer plenty of natural spaces, scenic walking spots, and more. There is plenty of shopping in the area as well as quick access to quality medical care.

Best Cities for Senior Living in Indiana

Indiana senior housing is common in Indianapolis which is easily the biggest city in the state. Here you will have access to more shopping and dining options along with the chance to get season tickets to Pacers or Colts games.

Fort Wayne and Evansville are good size cities with over one-hundred thousand in population yet not near as expansive as Indianapolis. South Bend is a college town yet a great place to retire if you don’t mind slightly cooler temperatures yet the opportunity to watch Notre Dame football. Carmel, Fishers, Bloomington and Gary are other mid-size cities with a nice combination of small-town feel yet quality dining and shopping.

Common Questions About Senior Living Communities in Indiana

1. What types of senior living options are available in Indiana?

Indiana offers a variety of senior living options, including independent living, assisted living, memory care, and nursing homes. Cities like Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, and Bloomington have numerous communities providing these services.

2. How much does senior living typically cost in Indiana?

The cost of senior living in Indiana varies based on the type of care and location. On average, assisted living can range from $2,500 to $5,000 per month. Memory care and nursing home care can be more expensive, with costs reaching up to $8,000 per month or more in cities like Carmel and Fishers.

3. Are there senior living communities near the lakes in Indiana?

Yes, there are senior living communities near Indiana's lakes, such as Lake Michigan and Lake Monroe. Cities like Michigan City and Bloomington offer senior living options with scenic views of these lakes, providing a peaceful and picturesque environment for residents.

4. What cultural attractions are accessible to seniors in Indianapolis?

Seniors in Indianapolis can enjoy cultural attractions like the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Eiteljorg Museum, and the Indiana State Museum. These attractions provide opportunities for seniors to engage with art, history, and cultural exhibits, enriching their lives while staying in the city.

5. How does the climate in Indiana affect senior living?

Indiana experiences four distinct seasons, with cold winters and warm summers. Seniors considering senior living in cities like South Bend and Evansville should prepare for temperature variations and potential weather-related challenges, such as snow in winter and humidity in summer.

6. Are there senior-friendly transportation options in Indiana?

Yes, cities like Fort Wayne and Indianapolis offer senior-friendly transportation services such as buses with accessibility features and senior discounts. Additionally, some senior living communities provide shuttle services for residents to access local amenities and medical appointments.

7. What recreational activities are available for seniors in Indiana?

Seniors in Indiana can engage in a variety of recreational activities such as golfing in Carmel, visiting botanical gardens in Fort Wayne, or exploring nature trails in Bloomington. Many senior living communities also organize on-site activities to promote social interaction and physical wellness.

8. How can seniors stay engaged in community events in Indiana?

Seniors can stay engaged in community events by participating in local festivals, farmer's markets, and cultural celebrations. Cities like Lafayette and Terre Haute offer various events throughout the year, providing opportunities for seniors to connect with their communities and enjoy social interactions.

9. What healthcare options are available for seniors in Indiana?

Indiana has a range of healthcare options for seniors, including renowned medical centers like IU Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis and Parkview Regional Medical Center in Fort Wayne. These facilities offer comprehensive medical services and specialized care for seniors across the state.

10. How do senior living communities in Indiana prioritize safety?

Senior living communities in Indiana prioritize safety by implementing security measures, offering emergency response systems, and ensuring well-maintained premises. Communities in cities like Greenwood and Westfield often have 24/7 staff availability to address residents' needs and ensure their safety.

11. What is the social scene like for seniors in Indiana?

Seniors in Indiana can enjoy an active social scene with opportunities to join clubs, attend senior centers, and participate in group activities. Cities like Lafayette and Carmel offer senior-specific social programs, allowing residents to connect with peers and form meaningful friendships.

12. How do senior living communities in Indiana accommodate dietary preferences?

Senior living communities in Indiana accommodate dietary preferences by offering diverse menu options and personalized meal plans. Communities in cities like Fishers and Mishawaka often have trained chefs who create nutritious meals while considering residents' dietary needs and restrictions.

13. What transportation services are available for medical appointments?

Senior living communities in Indiana often provide transportation services for medical appointments. In cities like Columbus and Anderson, these services ensure that seniors can access healthcare facilities conveniently, allowing them to maintain their health and well-being with ease.

14. How do Indiana senior living communities promote an active lifestyle?

Indiana senior living communities promote an active lifestyle by organizing fitness classes, wellness programs, and recreational activities. Cities like Kokomo and Elkhart have facilities with amenities such as fitness centers and walking trails to encourage residents to maintain a healthy and active routine.

15. How can seniors maintain connections with their families while living in Indiana?

Seniors in Indiana can maintain connections with their families through regular communication, virtual visits, and in-person gatherings. Senior living communities in cities like Noblesville and Jeffersonville often facilitate family events and provide technology support to ensure seniors stay connected with their loved ones.

16. What natural attractions can seniors enjoy in Indiana?

Indiana offers natural attractions like Brown County State Park, Clifty Falls State Park, and Indiana Dunes National Park. These places, located near cities such as Nashville and Madison, provide seniors with opportunities to enjoy scenic landscapes, outdoor activities, and nature walks.

17. Are there senior living options with pet-friendly policies in Indiana?

Yes, there are senior living options with pet-friendly policies in Indiana. Communities in cities like Lafayette and Greenwood understand the importance of companionship and often welcome pets, allowing seniors to bring their beloved furry friends with them to their new living environment.

18. How do Indiana senior living communities provide memory care?

Indiana senior living communities provide memory care through specialized programs and trained staff. Cities like Terre Haute and Muncie have communities equipped with memory care units that offer tailored activities and support for individuals with Alzheimer's or dementia, ensuring their safety and well-being.

19. What educational opportunities are available for seniors in Indiana?

Seniors in Indiana can access educational opportunities through lifelong learning programs, classes, and workshops. Universities in cities like Bloomington and West Lafayette offer courses designed for seniors, allowing them to pursue intellectual growth and engage with new subjects.

20. How do senior living communities in Indiana facilitate family involvement?

Senior living communities in Indiana encourage family involvement through regular visitation, family events, and communication updates. Facilities in cities like Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, and South Bend recognize the importance of maintaining strong connections between residents and their loved ones, fostering a supportive and engaging environment.

Indiana Senior Living

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