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Unlike its neighbor South Dakota, senior housing in North Dakota is not among the five most affordable states for seniors in the country. However, North Dakota is far from expensive as the state offers slightly higher priced units yet many accommodations and luxurious features.

If you are not one for crowds, then you will appreciate the openness of this northern state that borders with Canada. North Dakota is the fourth smallest state in the U.S. in regards to population. Even its largest city, Fargo (population 122,000), would be considered a small town in other states. The state’s capital of Bismark is another moderately-sized city that is ideal for senior living, but again far smaller in population compared to other states.

North Dakota Affordable Senior Housing

If you feel like the world is getting increasingly rushed and everyone is in a hurry, then you will appreciate the alternative style of living for senior housing in North Dakota. These complexes, along with the independent living communities they exist in are often very tight-knit. Old-fashion ideals and conservative outlooks on life contribute to a cozy and comfortable senior living experience.

Affordable senior housing in North Dakota exists across many parts of the state, including its largest cities of Bismarck and Fargo. Small, rural communities provide even more affordable prices. The average monthly cost for senior apartments for rent in North Dakota is about $2,800 per month. There is not as much of a variety of senior citizen living complexes in North Dakota, but since the demand isn’t extremely high, you should have no problem finding a suitable 55+ or elderly housing residence.

North Dakota does endure long winters because the state is not only so far north but also located on open prairies and relatively flat land. As a result, it is important that you find North Dakota senior apartments for rent that are well insulated with top-notch heating. A gas fireplace is an added luxury. Windows and door frames should be properly sealed to prevent cold air from coming into the building and warm air escaping it. Expect to pay a little more for utilities here, which helps contribute to the higher cost of living compared to its southern neighbor South Dakota.

Best Places for Senior Housing in North Dakota

Where are the best places for senior apartments in North Dakota? Great question. In several different surveys of residents polled that lived in the state or used to live in North Dakota, the consensus was that Lincoln, West Fargo, Stanley, Hazen and Horace were the five best places for senior housing in North Dakota. The communities of Williston, Lisbon, Dickinson, Bismarck and Minot rounded out the Top 10.

Amenities of North Dakota Senior Living Apartments

Quality senior living facilities in North Dakota should make your peace and comfort priority number one. While North Dakota is very low in crime and considered one of the safest states in the U.S., it is always great to consider a senior housing complex or community that employs its own security and offers gate entrances and/or secured entry into the building.

Pet-friendly senior apartments in North Dakota are sought after by many retirees, yet not all facilities allow pets. You will need to check with the front desk for any independent living communities that you consider.

Types of Senior Living Communities in North Dakota

Older adults who love adventure will find that North Dakota is an ideal place for retirement. The senior living communities in the state are located near many of the historic sites, tourist attractions, and local nightlife. The North Dakota Sports Hall of Fame is a big draw for sports lovers and the Buffalo Trails Museum is a great place to soak up history. For nature lovers. Theodore Roosevelt National Park offers acres of prime hiking trails, majestic wildlife, and picturesque views that are instantly memorable. Aside from the perks, there is plenty of entertainment and shopping to be found in just about every area of the state. Seniors will also have access to high-quality medical care in both the urban and rural areas of North Dakota.

Older adults leaving the workforce deserve the rest they have earned through a lifetime of service. Taking care of a large home and struggling with the bustle of the big city can really put a damper on retirement. Moving to one of the many senior living communities in North Dakota is an excellent option that will provide the best of both worlds for mature adults. Luxury senior living communities are perfect for older adults who want to relax and spend their remaining years enjoying the posh life. A continuing-care senior living community is another option for those who want to relocate once and then age in place. Independent living communities are ideal for active adults looking for like-minded neighbors. Regardless of a person’s retirement desires, there is sure to be a North Dakota senior living community that fits their needs.

Age-Restricted Senior Living Communities in North Dakota

There are many senior living communities in North Dakota, many of which are age-restricted. The HOPA prevision in the fair housing act protects adults 55+ and 62+ within these particular community types. 55+ age-qualified senior living communities and 62+ age-restricted senior living communities are both intended for older adults. They offer easy-to-maintain housing options, lower property taxes, and also more security within the community itself. The crime rate in these senior living communities is lower than in urban areas and the price of living is also more affordable. Homes are made smaller and easier to navigate as is the community layout itself.

55+ Senior Living Communities in North Dakota

Unlike a true age-restricted community, most North Dakota 55+ senior living communities maintain an 80/20 ratio. With 80% of the residents being mature adults over 55, the atmosphere and aesthetics of the community become highly targeted. Homes in the area are smaller and easier to maintain making it a perfect option for aging adults. These communities are often situated nearby area entertainment, dining spots, medical centers, and grocery stores. Active adults will be able to live their lives independently while still remaining within an age-based community of their choosing. Fitness centers, social clubs, swimming pools, and access to golf clubs are additional amenities’ often found in 55+ communities.

62+ Senior Living Communities in North Dakota

Thinking about retirement is never easy, but moving to 62+ senior living communities in North Dakota can be the easiest option ever. These communities are age-restricted and offer those entering their golden years a haven of peace and serenity. The property taxes are much lower and there is more security in these areas when compared with other urban housing projects. The homes are much easier to maintain and are built to be senior-friendly. There are plenty of activities and amenities to help support active adults such as a fitness center, Dog Park, swimming pools, and more. Social events, social clubs, and community get together are also available for residents to enjoy. Easy access to area shopping, medical care, and entertainment is another bonus.

Independent Senior Living Communities in North Dakota

Senior independent living communities in North Dakota are made for active seniors who want to live in a community-style setting. These communities are intended for older adults who do not need extra support with ADLs or other daily living needs. Mature adults able to care for themselves and seeking a lower-maintenance lifestyle are the main targets for this community type. These communities are typically located nearby essentials such as quality medical care, plenty of grocery stores, and also fine dining establishments. The layout of the homes is mature adult friendly and the sizes are also smaller for easy maintenance. Wellness programs, social clubs, and even inner-community transportation are common perks found in an independent senior living community.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities in North Dakota

North Dakota CCRC senior living communities are an ideal option for seniors who want to grow old in one community. Mature adults will enter the community while they can still care for themselves. Once they are no longer able to reside in the independent living units, they have the option to upgrade to more specialized care. One of the biggest perks of living in a CCRC community is the consistent cost of living. In most cases, there is an entrance fee and a monthly fee regardless of care level. As need increases, the cost of living within the community will remain within the same range. Memory care, skilled nursing care, and even hospice care are all provided within these senior living community types.

Why Move to a Senior Living Retirement Community

There are many advantages to relocating to a North Dakota senior living community. When a person is younger it is easier to spend time on the daily comminute or driving long distances for simple pleasures. Once retirement rolls around, seniors often want to dedicate their time to leisurely pursuits, not sitting in traffic. Senior living communities are naturally low-traffic areas and there is often transportation available for seniors who prefer not to drive. Be it public transportation, group shuttles, or even golf carts to drive within the community, getting around is much easier than in urban areas. Seniors are able to make friends, enjoy area entrainment and even participate in wellness programs within the community. 

Popular Senior Living Communities in North Dakota

  1. Whispering Creek – This senior living community is age-restricted to adults ages 55 and over. The housing is classed as independent living apartments and the spaces offer elegant patio homes that are generally low maintenance. There is plenty of opportunity and space for seniors to socialize and build friendships within the community. Located just off of 1-29 and 52nd Ave, seniors will have easy access to recreation, shopping, quality medical care, and a variety of dining options. Washer and dryer units are provided in each apartment and there is underground parking for resident vehicles. There is a fitness space, pool, and hot tub as well for relaxing any time of the day.
  2. Country Grove at Woodhaven – This common interest senior living community is perfect for active adults over 55. It is managed and operated by the Country Grove Association and offers homes and land for mature adults nearing retirement. The community is owned by all of the residents of the community and offers private nature walks, bike paths, and a community clubhouse. Residents can host up to 50 guests in the clubhouse for private events. Along with the media area, there is an exercise room and a social porch that residents can use to relax and build friendships. Though smaller than other senior living communities, it offers a chance to build tight-knit friendships that will last a lifetime.
  3. The Ranch at The Wilds – This active adult senior living community offers an upscale experience for seniors who like the finer things in life. The residences are ranch-style homes that feature private courtyards and other posh amenities. The community is a private retreat that resembles vacation-style living for the well-to-do. Though the homes are ranch-style, they have all of the modern amenities and fixtures a senior can desire. The living areas are spacious, the décor tasteful, and the homes themselves are filled with natural lighting. Homes have two floors which means that seniors are able to expand their homes as their needs emerge. Security is high so when seniors travel they never have to worry about break-ins. There is a fitness center, clubhouse, common gathering area, and plenty of outdoor spaces to discover.
  4. Harper Heights Senior Living (55+) Community – Seniors looking to relocate to a senior living community on a budget will enjoy Harper Heights. This affordable senior living community is only for mature adults 55 and up. It is in West Fargo nestled in a serene neighborhood making it an ideal option for seniors looking for peace and quiet. The heated parking garage takes the chill off of winter nights and the community and media room provide plenty of entertainment options. There is a fitness center to support resident health and the beautiful views, walking trails, and outdoor meeting areas are a delight to behold. As many as four people in a family are allowed to maintain a residence, though they must meet the age minimums to qualify. Pets are not allowed in the community, however, some utilities are included.

Frequently Asked Questions About Senior Living Communities in North Dakota

What types of senior living communities are available in North Dakota?

North Dakota offers various senior living options, including independent living, assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing facilities. These communities can be found across the state in cities like Fargo, Bismarck, Grand Forks, and Minot.

What is the average cost of senior living in North Dakota, and how does it vary by location?

The cost of senior living in North Dakota depends on the type of community and its location. On average, independent living in North Dakota can range from $1,500 to $3,500 per month, while assisted living in ND may average between $3,500 and $5,000 monthly. Memory care and skilled nursing can be more expensive. Costs may differ significantly between cities, with Fargo and Bismarck typically having higher prices than smaller towns.

What amenities are commonly offered in senior living communities across North Dakota?

Senior living communities in North Dakota typically provide amenities like dining services, fitness centers, recreational activities, and transportation. Some communities, especially in larger cities like Fargo, may offer additional services such as on-site beauty salons, libraries, and outdoor gardens to enhance residents' quality of life.

What should I consider when choosing a senior living community in North Dakota?

When selecting a senior living community in North Dakota, factors to consider include the level of care needed, location, cost, amenities, and staff-to-resident ratio. It's essential to tour the communities, talk to staff and residents, and review their licensing and inspection records. Also, consider the community's proximity to family and medical facilities, especially if you're in a rural area like Minot or Grand Forks.

Are there financial assistance programs for seniors in North Dakota seeking senior living options?

Yes, North Dakota offers financial assistance programs for seniors, such as Medicaid and the Senior Health Insurance Counseling Program (SHIC). These programs can help cover the costs of senior living, including assisted living and skilled nursing. Eligibility criteria vary, but they aim to support seniors across the state, from Fargo to Bismarck and beyond.

What safety measures are in place in senior living communities in North Dakota, especially in Minot?

Senior living communities in North Dakota, including Minot, prioritize resident safety. They have safety protocols, emergency response systems, and staff trained in first aid and CPR. Additionally, these communities undergo regular safety inspections and drills to ensure residents' well-being. Safety measures are a top concern across the state, regardless of the city.

Can I bring my pet to a senior living community in North Dakota, such as in Grand Forks?

Many senior living communities in North Dakota, including Grand Forks, are pet-friendly. They recognize the benefits of companionship and often allow residents to bring their pets. However, specific pet policies may vary, including restrictions on size and breed. It's best to inquire with the chosen community about their pet policy and any associated fees or requirements.

What is the process for transitioning from independent living to assisted living in North Dakota?

Transitioning from independent living to assisted living in North Dakota typically involves assessing your changing care needs. You can discuss this with the staff at your independent living community, and they can assist you in finding an appropriate assisted living facility within North Dakota. The facility you choose will conduct an assessment to determine the level of care required for a smooth transition.

Are there senior living communities in North Dakota that offer specialized care for conditions like Alzheimer's and dementia, particularly in Bismarck?

Yes, North Dakota has senior living communities that offer specialized memory care programs for residents with Alzheimer's and dementia. In cities like Bismarck, you can find facilities with dedicated memory care units. These programs provide tailored support, secure environments, and activities designed to enhance residents' cognitive well-being.

What is the average length of stay for residents in senior living communities in North Dakota?

The average length of stay in senior living communities in North Dakota varies based on individual circumstances. Some residents may choose senior living for a few years, while others may make it their permanent home. The length of stay can be influenced by health changes, personal preferences, and family support. Communities across North Dakota, including Fargo and Grand Forks, offer flexible options to accommodate varying needs and preferences.

Are senior living communities in North Dakota required to provide healthcare services, such as medication management?

Senior living communities in North Dakota may provide healthcare services, including medication management, depending on the level of care offered. Assisted living and skilled nursing facilities often offer medication management as part of their services. Independent living communities may not provide healthcare services but can offer assistance in coordinating healthcare visits and medication administration as needed. The specific services vary by community.

Can I visit a senior living community in North Dakota before making a decision?

Yes, it is highly recommended to visit senior living communities in North Dakota before making a decision. In fact, most communities encourage tours. Visiting allows you to get a firsthand look at the environment, meet staff and residents, and ask questions. This is an essential step in evaluating if a particular community is the right fit for you or your loved one, whether you're in Fargo, Bismarck, Grand Forks, or elsewhere in North Dakota.

How do I know if a senior living community in North Dakota is licensed and meets quality standards?

To ensure that a senior living community in North Dakota is licensed and meets quality standards, you can contact the North Dakota Department of Health or visit their website. They regulate and inspect senior living facilities, and you can access licensing and inspection reports online. Additionally, you can ask the community for their licensing information and inquire about any recent citations or complaints. This due diligence is crucial for choosing a reputable community, whether it's in Fargo, Bismarck, or elsewhere in the state.

What social and recreational activities are available for residents in senior living communities in North Dakota?

Senior living communities in North Dakota offer a wide range of social and recreational activities to keep residents engaged and active. These activities may include arts and crafts, group outings to local attractions, exercise classes, music performances, and game nights. Residents in cities like Minot and Grand Forks can enjoy a variety of options tailored to their interests and abilities.

Do senior living communities in North Dakota provide transportation services for residents?

Many senior living communities in North Dakota offer transportation services for residents. This service is designed to help seniors access medical appointments, go shopping, or participate in group outings. Whether you're in Fargo or Bismarck, these communities often have scheduled transportation options to ensure residents can maintain their independence and stay connected to the community.

Are there age restrictions for moving into senior living communities in North Dakota?

Age restrictions for senior living communities in North Dakota can vary depending on the type of community. Independent living communities typically have a minimum age requirement, often around 55 or 62. Assisted living communities may not have strict age restrictions but admit residents based on their care needs. Memory care and skilled nursing communities admit residents with specific medical conditions, regardless of age.

Can I personalize my living space in a senior living community in North Dakota?

Many senior living communities in North Dakota allow residents to personalize their living spaces to some extent. You can bring your own furniture, decor, and personal belongings to create a comfortable and familiar environment. However, there may be guidelines and restrictions to ensure safety and compliance with community policies. It's advisable to check with the community about their specific guidelines for personalization.

What healthcare services are available in senior living communities in North Dakota, especially in rural areas like Minot?

Senior living communities in North Dakota, including those in rural areas like Minot, often provide a range of healthcare services. These may include medication management, assistance with activities of daily living, and coordination of medical appointments. Some communities may also have partnerships with local healthcare providers to offer on-site healthcare services such as physical therapy and primary care visits.

Is there a waiting list for senior living communities in North Dakota, and how can I join it?

The presence of a waiting list in senior living communities in North Dakota can vary depending on the community's popularity and occupancy. To join a waiting list, you should contact the community directly and inquire about their process. Typically, you may need to fill out an application, provide necessary documentation, and pay a fee if required. Being on a waiting list ensures you have priority when a suitable unit becomes available.

Do senior living communities in North Dakota offer temporary respite care for caregivers?

Yes, many senior living communities in North Dakota offer temporary respite care to provide relief for caregivers. Respite care allows caregivers to take a break while their loved ones receive temporary care and accommodation in a senior living community. Whether you're in Fargo, Bismarck, or any other city, these short-term stays can be arranged, providing support to both seniors and their caregivers.

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