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Colorado has witnessed a significant shift in growth over the last several decades. From 2010 to 2017, the state had an 11.49 percent increase in population, making it one of the fastest growing states in the country, with notable growth in Colorado senior housing.

The state is at the front door of the continental divide, having quick access to the world renown Rocky Mountains as well as offering cultural diversity and progressive politics compared to surrounding states. Senior living apartments in Colorado are in high demand because of the clean air, scenic landscapes and lower than average taxes.

There has been a surge in senior apartments for rent in Colorado as the state, particularly the front range I-25 corridor, is expanding at extremely high rates. Denver has remained the most popular destination for all ages of residents including seniors, though northern suburbs of Denver along with Boulder, Firestone, Loveland and Fort Collins are also really growing and are popular among 55+ adults.

Colorado senior living apartments tend to offer large windows with outstanding views of the nearby Rocky Mountains. If you opt for the more mountainous western slope, these senior living facilities may also resemble more of a “cabin feel”. They include traditional features like handicap ramps, non-slip floors, automatic opening doors, pet-friendly policies and other luxuries that are designed to accommodate all types of retirees.

For active seniors looking to retire from the rat race, but maintain their passions in life, senior living in Colorado is a good option. There are so many places to visit in the state that a senior can spend the rest of their golden years going from one adventure to the next. From historical sites such as the Crested Butte to the Cross Orchard Historic Farm and everything in between, there will never be a dull moment. The state offers a wealth of natural landmarks such as the Indian Hot Springs and Boxborough Park that will entertain seniors and their extended families. Senior living communities within the state are welcoming and offer residents the opportunity to meet and nurture relationships with other adventure-loving.

Best Places for Colorado Senior Housing

Denver is the cultural hub of the state and is within 30 to 40 minutes to the Rocky Mountains. As a result, the city is really growing and is a popular destination for senior housing in Colorado. If you would rather avoid the noise and busyness of the big city, you may want to consider Boulder or Fort Collins which are really, really beautiful mid-size cities and make an ideal retirement and senior living destination for older Colorado residents.

Mountainous independent living communities are available throughout Colorado in ski resort towns like Vail, Eagle, Aspen and Glenwood Springs. Expect to pay high prices in these gorgeous yet highly desirable retirement locations.

Low Income Senior Housing in Colorado

What can you expect to pay per month for Colorado senior housing and apartments? The average monthly cost is almost $2,300 per month, making it slightly higher than the national average. Cost of living costs have really skyrocketed in the last decade in Colorado, especially on the front range part of the state.

Colorado apartments for seniors living on a fixed income are available in the often overlooked (yet scenic) Colorado Springs along with Pueblo, Alamosa and Cortez -- all of which are located in the southern part of the state.

Colorado Senior Apartments - Amenities

Senior living apartments and condos in Colorado are designed to help make things easier in life for you. They traditionally offer several amenities you would not find with an average apartment or house. Furthermore, the entire community is composed of people in your same demographic (55+ or 62+, depending on the senior housing complex), so there is plenty of opportunities to make new friends and do fun activities. Many Colorado senior living apartments will also offer security services and private parking. Their goal is to keep you and your belongings completely safe. Consequently, you can expect to retire in a safe and secure environment that puts you first!

Types of Senior Living Communities in Colorado

Researching senior living options is the best way to find retirement solutions that meet your needs. There are quite a few retirement communities to choose from in Colorado, each of which offers its own range of benefits. Age-targeted communities such as those for 55+ and 62+ are great options for active adults looking to ease into retirement in Colorado. Lifestyle communities are perfect havens for seniors looking to connect with another artist, LGBTQ+, golf, or even faith-oriented residents. Of course, seniors who like luxury have the option of moving to a high-end luxury senior living community where every day is like an exotic vacation.

Independent Living Communities in Colorado

Independent living communities for seniors in Colorado are made for healthy adults are who still very active. These communities offer a range of social, educational, and recreational activities within the community for residents in the same age ranges. While many of these senior living communities are age-restricted, there are many that are open for all retirement age ranges. In general, there is no healthcare provided within the community, though healthcare centers may be located a short distance away. Transportation options may be provided, but typically seniors will be expected to maintain their own.

Age-Restricted Retirement Communities in Colorado

Living in an area where most of people are at the same stage of life can have its benefits, especially for seniors. Age-restricted senior living communities in Colorado are areas that meet those standards. Typically these senior living communities are for older adults aged 55+ and 62+ exclusively. The layout of the neighborhood, amenities within the area, and even the homes will be crafted with the retired senior in mind. Though no medical care is provided within the community, often clinics and hospitals are no more than a few minutes' drive.
• 55+ Communities

Seniors looking to move to an active adult community but are not quite ready for a true retirement home should consider 55+ senior living communities. These offer the best of both worlds in terms of affordable living in an area built with older adults in mind. There are a lot of advantages to living in an age-restricted community. One of the biggest perks is affordability. For active, mature adults that are still independent, the cost of living in these communities tends to be dramatically lower than in other urban areas. Residents will also be able to nurture friendships, enjoy fine dining, and more. Homes tend to be smaller than those located in urban areas. While that may seem like a downside, for mature adults, less upkeep is always a benefit.

• 62+ Communities

Seniors on the brink of retirement have a lot of options when it comes to where they will spend their time. For those who enjoy maintaining their own home and being independent, a senior living community is a good option. 62+ senior living communities in Colorado are specifically planned around the needs of older residents. There are dining halls, fitness centers, and even nature walks all designed to give seniors everything they need to thrive during their golden years. When you are young noise and crowds may have been the spice of life. However, in retirement, most people want to take things slow. In 62+ communities, things tend to be much quieter, slower, and more peaceful. The communities tend to be near nature and further away from busy city centers. Though often located near medical centers, there is no medical care provided within the community itself.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities in Colorado

Growing older surrounded by your friends and those within your community is no longer a mere dream. Continuing Care Retirement Communities in Colorado have accommodations that allow seniors to enter the community as active adults. They will then be able to age in the community even as their needs change. Seniors are able to enjoy the full range of care from the moment they enter the community as active adults up until their final days. Some buildings may be licensed facilities and have medical professionals as a part of the regular staff. Maintenance is also included for independent senior homes and continued care accommodations.

Colorado CCRC communities offer independent living, guided living, assisted living, memory care, and even skilled nursing care all within the same community. Some CCRC communities provide life care options for residents while others stick to a fee-for-service model. Senior residents often are required to enter as independent adults. As they age and their care needs increase, they will have the option of moving to a different abode within the community. This may be something as simple as assisted living or as complex as memory or skilled nursing care accommodations. Specialists are available to help seniors with medication management, ADLs, skilled nursing, meal preparation, and even housekeeping depending on their level of care needs.

Luxury Senior Living Communities in Colorado

Heading into retirement doesn’t mean that you have to live a basic existence filled with watching the clouds. Seniors who enjoy the finer things in life can maintain those preferences even in retirement. High-end senior living communities in Colorado are perfect for posh seniors who want to retire in style. Most luxury retirement communities offer condos, townhouses, or apartments for their residents. These all have senior-friendly layouts and are filled with top-of-the-line appliances and furniture. The community itself offers a range of fine dining options, cultural distractions, health classes, fitness courses, and much more. Just like with other senior communities, luxury senior living communities in Colorado will offer a variety of care options. Some may cater to seniors looking for continuing care while others may be for independent seniors only. Regardless of type, these communities offer the same services, just at a higher level for their residents. Upscale communities also tend to offer many amenities that are not available at traditional retirement communities.

Lifestyle Senior Living Communities in Colorado

People are diverse and so are their interests. Retiring doesn’t mean that those interests have to be put on hold. There are several lifestyle-focused senior living communities in Colorado to cater to just about every senior's needs. For those looking for an LGBTQ+ retirement community or those who want to focus on their faith in a faith-based senior living community, the options are endless. Just like any other senior living community, these lifestyle communities offer friendship, a slower pace, and traditional amenities. Some locations are age-restrictive while others may also double as a continuing care community.

How To Choose An Active Adult or Senior Living Retirement Community

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to retirement. Everyone’s situation and desires are different. Those just entering retirement tend to need less care and focus more on hobbies and activities. Those who have reached the later stages of their golden years may focus more on a better quality of life. The best way to choose a retirement community in Colorado is to consider your current needs, and your health condition, and think about how you want to spend your golden years.

It is important to consider your current level of independence when looking for a senior living community. Are you able to manage your own ADLs without assistance? Is moving around town difficult or are you okay with managing on your own? If so, then a Colorado independent living community may be a great place to start. For seniors or senior couples who have started to exhibit signs of moderate dependency, perhaps a different type of community would be better suited. Do you or your spouse have a family history of cognitive decline? If so, it may be a good idea to think about CCRCs communities for your retirement. Of course, the budget, age restrictions, and overall reviews about the community are also important factors to consider.

Popular Retirement Communities for Seniors in Colorado

Colorado has a lot to offer and for seniors looking for a comprehensive retirement option, a community such as Bear Creek Assisted & Senior Living delivers. This continuing care senior community is right in the heart of Colorado Springs. It has a high VET population and offers charming residences, an increasing level of personal support, and a vibrant social calendar for seniors to enjoy. Seniors interested in a truly independent living community may enjoy what Cheyenne Place has to offer. Perfect for active adults who can take care of themselves, this retirement community is ideal for seniors who value their privacy.

Common Questions About Senior Living Communities in Colorado

1. What are the benefits of senior living communities in Colorado?

Senior living communities in Colorado offer various benefits, including access to social activities and beautiful natural landscapes. Cities like Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs provide a serene environment for seniors.

2. Which cities in Colorado have the best senior living facilities?

Colorado boasts excellent senior living facilities in various cities, including Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and Aurora. These cities offer a range of amenities, healthcare options, and cultural activities, ensuring a high quality of life for seniors.

3. What types of senior living options are available in Colorado?

Colorado offers a variety of senior living options, such as independent living, assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing facilities. Cities like Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Lakewood have a range of options to cater to different needs and preferences.

4. How much does senior living typically cost in Colorado?

The cost of senior living in Colorado varies based on factors like location, level of care, and amenities. On average, assisted living costs can range from $3,000 to $6,000 per month. Cities such as Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Centennial have diverse pricing options.

5. What amenities are typically offered in senior living communities?

Senior living communities in Colorado offer a range of amenities, including fitness centers, communal dining, organized activities, transportation services, and more. Cities like Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins ensure seniors have access to enjoyable and convenient amenities.

6. How can I find senior living communities with specialized care in Colorado?

To find senior living communities with specialized care in Colorado, research online platforms, consult with local healthcare providers, and visit communities in cities like Englewood, Lakewood, and Westminster. These cities offer options for memory care and medical support for seniors with specific needs.

7. Are there senior living communities near the Rocky Mountains?

Yes, there are senior living communities near the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Cities like Boulder, Aspen, and Colorado Springs offer opportunities for seniors to enjoy the beauty and outdoor activities of the Rocky Mountains while residing in comfortable and supportive communities.

8. What transportation options are available for seniors in Colorado?

Seniors in Colorado have access to various transportation options, including public transit services, senior shuttles, and rideshare programs. Cities like Denver, Aurora, and Boulder provide convenient transportation solutions, enabling seniors to travel easily for appointments and leisure activities.

9. Are there pet-friendly senior living communities in Colorado?

Yes, there are pet-friendly senior living communities in Colorado. Cities like Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and Loveland have facilities that welcome pets, recognizing the importance of companionship for seniors. Be sure to inquire about pet policies and amenities when considering these communities.

10. How can I evaluate the healthcare services provided by senior living communities?

To evaluate the healthcare services of senior living communities in Colorado, inquire about on-site medical staff, access to medical care, medication management, and emergency response systems. Cities like Aurora, Denver, and Boulder have communities with reputable healthcare services to ensure seniors' well-being.

11. Can I tour senior living communities before making a decision?

Yes, many senior living communities in Colorado, such as those in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Lakewood, offer guided tours for prospective residents and their families. Touring communities allows you to see the facilities, amenities, and services firsthand, helping you make an informed decision.

12. Are income-based senior living options available in Colorado?

Yes, Colorado provides income-based senior living options through subsidized housing programs. Cities like Denver, Pueblo, and Grand Junction offer affordable housing solutions for seniors with limited income, ensuring access to comfortable living arrangements and supportive services.

13. What social activities are available for seniors in Colorado senior living communities?

Senior living communities in Colorado offer a variety of social activities, such as art classes, group outings, game nights, and fitness programs. Cities like Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins ensure seniors have engaging opportunities to connect with peers and enjoy their hobbies.

14. How do I transition to a senior living community from my current home in Colorado?

Transitioning to a senior living community in Colorado involves planning and preparation. Begin by downsizing and organizing your belongings. Seek assistance from moving companies and local services in cities like Aurora, Lakewood, and Thornton to facilitate a smooth transition to your new home.

15. What legal and financial considerations should I keep in mind when choosing a senior living community?

When choosing a senior living community in Colorado, consider legal and financial factors such as contract terms, pricing structures, and refund policies. Consult legal and financial advisors in cities like Denver, Boulder, and Centennial to ensure you make informed decisions that align with your interests.

16. Can I maintain my independence in a Colorado senior living community?

Yes, many senior living communities in Colorado offer independent living options that enable residents to maintain their autonomy while enjoying convenient services and amenities. Cities like Colorado Springs, Denver, and Lakewood provide communities designed to support seniors' active and independent lifestyles.

17. How does Colorado's climate impact senior living?

Colorado's climate can positively impact senior living by offering mild summers and opportunities for outdoor activities. Cities like Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Grand Junction benefit from the state's sunny climate, providing seniors with a pleasant environment to enjoy outdoor spaces and engage in recreational pursuits.

18. Are there age-restricted senior living communities in Colorado?

Yes, there are age-restricted senior living communities in Colorado that cater specifically to older adults. These communities, available in cities like Aurora, Centennial, and Westminster, offer a quiet and peaceful living environment, fostering connections among residents of similar age groups.

19. Can I continue my hobbies and interests while living in a Colorado senior living community?

Absolutely, many senior living communities in Colorado encourage residents to pursue their hobbies and interests. Cities like Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins provide communities that offer spaces and resources for residents to engage in activities such as gardening, arts and crafts, and more.

20. How can I find the right senior living community in Colorado?

To find the ideal senior living community in Colorado, consider factors like location, amenities, healthcare services, and budget. Research online platforms, visit communities, and consult local resources for tailored recommendations.

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