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Aging is a natural human process that comes with its own set of difficulties for golden agers. We can, however, agree that gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual men and women are more inclined to face more challenges as they get older. There are some who are lonely as they age while others may face some sort of rejection or prejudice from family, friends and the society at large. Some gay individuals even choose to hide their sexual orientation so that people can accept them.

As the population of over 65 adults continues to grow, numbers of LGBT seniors are also on the rise. Transitioning into a retirement community should never mean that seniors have to step back into the “closet.” Older adults can fabulously and graciously retire in non-discriminating LGBT communities to live their best lives in their formative later years without fear of judgment.

Retirees who identify themselves as gay, lesbian, transgender or bisexual have the right to retire in a supportive and welcoming environment that takes care of their comfort and needs. Fortunately, there is a growth in numbers of LGBT senior living options, and more will be built as demand continues to rise.

Today, it is possible to identify LGTB senior housing, gay nursing homes, lesbian senior living communities and a lot more. These facilities offer a welcoming and safe living space for LGBT older adults. They also provide LGBT elderly a chance to choose the senior living option that they are most comfortable with. Examples of available options for LGTB seniors include:

LGTB Retirement Villages

Retirement communities for older adults are typically designed to cater to individuals who are above the age of 55. When looking for 55+ communities for retirees near you, you will find some retirement communities designated explicitly for the LGBT community or senior citizens who are friendly with the LGBT lifestyle.

One of the beneficial ways to enjoy retirement in LGBT retirement villages or communities is to buy or rent an apartment or home. Multiple outstanding options and amenities are available for LGBT older adults. For instance, aging individuals can enjoy various community amenities like golf courses, swimming pools, clubhouses, and many other onsite features and activities. Retirement villages for LGBT older adults generally tend to be upscale and friendly communities where retired adults can be themselves.

LGBT Independent Living Homes

Independent living homes for LGTB adults offer a similar lifestyle to the retirement villages. They are best suited for LGBT retirees who are looking for senior living complexes near them and are still independent, healthy, and active and are in a position to live in their own. Such communities present different accommodation options, which can include mobile or motor homes, condos, homes, and townhouses. Aged LGBT individuals in such cases can choose to live in a cooperative, rent, or own their living quarters.

The communities have age restrictions (typically over 55) and may provide multiple amenities to LGBT adults like security, clubhouses, yard maintenance, gyms, and housekeeping. These types of residences appeal to members of the older generation who want to spend time and socialize with their peers during their golden years.

Residents who choose to live in LGBT independent living facilities do not need personal care support or skilled nursing services. When they reach a point where they need additional help, LGBT older adults relocate to a senior living community that will expertly handle their needs.

LGBT Assisted Living Facilities

Aged LGBT retirees who reside in assisted living homes tend to need a bit more assistance with their day-to-day activities. Occupants may need a hand with things like handling hygiene, getting around, and medication management.

There are dedicated LGBT assisted living communities near, that are available to make LGBT seniors feel welcomed and right at home, regardless of their sexual orientation. Inhabitants here, just like in any other senior living option, also access multiple specialized activities and services including:

  • Enrichment classes
  • Health and wellness sessions
  • Social outings
  • Cultural excursions
  • Educational workshops and seminars
  • Counseling services
  • Legal advocacy

LGBT Nursing Homes

Nursing homes for LGBT older adults usually offer individual care to elders who require advanced medical support. Members of the older generation have the freedom to choose nursing homes that accept everyone without discrimination or the ones that only accommodate the LGBT community.

LGBT Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs)

Many agree that CCRCs are the best option when it comes to LGBT senior living communities. These communities incorporate all the levels of care that LGBT seniors need in one location. It means that a senior citizen can move into the independent living section at first, before proceeding to assisted living, memory and nursing care when the time is right.

LGBT-friendly CCRCs are convenient because when the care needs of a resident change, they do not have to start stressing about looking for a new retirement community that will take care of their needs. Occupants simply move to the wing or floor or facility within the community that best takes care of their current needs. It allows LGBT older adults to stay in an environment they are familiar with and perhaps work with staff members whom they already have personal relationships with to make the transition least stressful.

Perks of Staying in LGBT Retirement Communities

Residents of niche LGBT communities enjoy numerous benefits by opting to stay in the residences, some of which are explained below:

  • Living in a Welcoming and Supportive Residence

One of the significant benefits of living in LGBT lifestyle-catered communities is the fact that occupants never have to shy away from who they really are. They can live their lives to the fullest knowing that people around them accept them for who they are, and that they can be free to express themselves.

LGBT senior living communities openly display visual, physical, and verbal signs showing support for the LGBT residents. You can find facilities that have pictures of same-sex couples on walls for everyone to see. Some will have rules that demand respect for all the inhabitants, irrespective of sexual orientation, race and ethnicity.

LGBT-friendly retirement communities are places where people are not in the business of asking insensitive questions. The communities focus on offering inclusive facilities, and prejudice-free living for the elderly LGBT members.

  • Interacting with Well-Trained Personnel

In senior living homes, LGBT seniors can let go of any fears of prejudice or misunderstanding because the communities and staff members are all gay-friendly. People that surround them are non-judgmental or even of similar sexual orientation, so that one does not have to pretend or hide who they really are. The retirement residences create a safe environment, keeping in mind that many LGBT individuals have had a history of victimization, stigmatization, and ostracization.

Moreover, LGBT seniors also get to interact with well-trained staff members who prioritize empathy and understanding while delivering care services. Personnel often lead support groups where they can discuss the challenges that affect residents and the best solutions to offer so that everyone is happy. Staff at LGBT senior communities is well trained all aspects of care, catering to the LGBT population.

  • Vibrant Social Life

It can be very depressing for a person who has lived their life openly in regard to their sexual orientation to have to hide it when it is time to transition into assisted living. It is one of the reasons that can result in an older LGBT adult resisting the move and not getting the care and retirement they need and deserve.

With the LGBT communities, however, one can continue with their lifestyle uninterrupted so that their post-retirement years can be the very best. Single LGBT older adults may even get a chance to meet their life partners in the retirement communities.

  • Many Opportunities to Have Fun

Senior living residences for LGBT seniors work hard to ensure that occupants enjoy a great feeling of being part of a community. Most include an active social calendar that features a broad range of LGBT-friendly activities and events. These may consist of flag-raising ceremonies during the gay pride month, attending pride celebration, trips to museums, and dance parties with various bands. Here, residents get to do the things they love and to spend their formative later years how they want.

LGBT Affordable Housing

For a long time, LGBT communities’ members have been complaining that they cannot access affordable housing because of their sexual orientation. It is one of the problems that these niche senior living residences try to solve. Most have different housing options where residents can choose the one that suits their budget best. It allows aging LGBD individuals to downsize without too much stress, where they can sell or rent their homes as they move forward with the next chapter of their lives.

Accommodation options in LGBT senior housing may include studios or apartments with one or more bedrooms. In most cases, occupants do not even have to worry about taking on home maintenance tasks because the senior living residences have staff who are responsible for such duties. Additionally, these retirement homes allow aged LGBD individuals to share living spaces where couples or friends can share a house and split costs to save money and have company at the same time.

The Future of LGBT Senior Living Homes

The first gay-friendly community in the U.S. was built in the late 1990’s. The industry is still young, but looking at the ways things are moving along, there is a possibility that it will soon be booming. The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force report that there are 3 million LGBT senior citizens living in America. They project that there will be twice as many LGBT elders by 2030, which means that there is a real need for LBDT- centered retirement communities.

Investors are realizing that there is a demand for LGBT senior housing communities and are rushing to develop residences where the specific needs of occupants are met, and life experiences are understood regardless of one’s sexual orientation.

It’s great to know that many new LGBT retirement communities are being built. It will be beneficial for the LGBT community because older LGBT adults will have the freedom to retire in any city or state they desire, with numerous options in regards to available retirement communities. It will give LGBT senior citizens the freedom they need to pick a facility they feel sits well with their needs without having to compromise because of lack of options.

Top Five Gay Retirement Cities

When looking for the best states to retire, it is unfortunate to know that in this day and age some cities and states are still not gay-friendly. Let’s take a look at the five best places for the LGBT community to retire.

  1. Austin, Texas- this is one of the most liberal and diverse locations in the United States. The area has sweltering summers and mild winters. It is an excellent place to spend one’s golden years especially for seniors who love music and look forward to receiving the best care in modern communities.
  2. Phoenix, Arizona - another key city to think about is Phoenix. It boasts of numerous senior living communities including the ones that are LGBT friendly. Retirees are bound to enjoy the warm weather as they immerse themselves in a city with lots of culture, history, and entertainment.
  3. Atlanta, Georgia - same-sex couples are likely to enjoy retiring in Atlanta. They can identify suitable retirement communities here without too much struggle. Moreover, the city is known for its strong cultural component, fantastic entertainment, history, and southern food.
  4. Orlando, Florida - It is probably one of the cities that has a well-established gay community, so older members of the LGBT community will fit right in. The city is also famous for its world-class entertainment, and many agree that it is a hot spot for retirees.
  5. Tampa, Florida - It is a city that oozes senior quality relaxation. It is home to warm weather and plenty of amenities and outdoor activities that older adults can thoroughly enjoy.

Numerous other locations exist for LGBT seniors to retire. Keep in mind that the goal for an elderly person looking for an LGBT community is to study individual locations carefully to make educated decisions that they will not regret.

As the population of golden agers continues to grow, there is a need for more unique retirement communities to accommodate their specific needs. Transgender, bisexual, gay, or lesbian retirees can move into LGTB friendly senior living facilities where they can live freely and enjoy a happy retirement.



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