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Illinois is one of the rare states in the U.S. considered to have it all. It is home to Chicago, one of the biggest cities in America, with great tradition and plenty of history. The state is also home to several rural communities that reflect more of the Midwest appeal and is considered a microcosm of the entire United States. Senior housing in Illinois is popular due to extremely affordable prices along with the state representing everything good about America.

Depending on whether you like crowds or not, there is a place somewhere in Illinois that is appropriate for seniors living on fixed income that want to make Illinois their home. Chicago and the rest of Cook County is where all the action is at. This is suitable for retirees that want a diverse range of shopping and dining, as well as don’t mind public transportation as it is easily the best way to get around the area. Meanwhile, the more rural settings that dominate the rest of Illinois provide more of a traditional “Midwest feel” when it comes to senior living. 

While there are some bigger Illinois senior housing complexes in Chicago proper and the rest of Cook County, senior apartments for rent are more common because of the high density of the area. Expect not only more expensive senior rental units in Chicago but also smaller layouts and less storage. It is also not an easy area to navigate with your own personal vehicle and maybe not the best for older adults who have dogs or cats.

However, the communities of Joliet, Springfield, Peoria, Rockford and Naperville provide a good mixture of a good size city with more of a community aspect. Senior housing and apartments in Illinois in this region offer larger floor plans and pet-friendly facilities, with reasonable access to Chicago. Along with added security in lower crime neighborhoods, expect to enjoy other features like community laundry, fitness center, high speed internet, library room and entertainment room.

Senior living costs in Illinois

Yes, the winters can get nasty but did you know that Illinois also has beaches? The Prairie State has excellent beaches to visit during the humid summers, including 31st Street Beach, Montrose Beach and North Avenue Beach. And with Illinois senior housing that starts at just $600 and averages $1,700 per month state-wide, you would be foolish not to consider Illinois as your retirement destination.

Senior Living Communities in Illinois

There are a lot of places that present a pretty picture for those planning their retirement. Illinois senior living communities however happen to be better than most. There are a lot of hot spots in the state to keep seniors entertained such as the Route 66 Hall of Fame and Pollards Collection among many other attractions. Tourists and seniors from all over the country visit Illinois on a regular basis and those interested in retiring here will see the most benefit. The cost of living is on average with other senior living community options in another state. The weather is predictable and there are plenty of nature spots to enjoy all over the state.

Types of Senior Living Communities in Illinois

Mature adults entering retirement deserve to live out their golden years in peace and comfort. One way they can make their retirement dollars stretch is by relocating to a senior living community. These communities are planned out and built with older adults' needs in mind. There are several types of communities in Illinois ranging from those that cater to adults 55 and up all the way to luxury senior living communities for seniors who enjoy the posh life. Most senior living communities are restricted to mature adults both 55 and older or 62 and older, however, this may vary between communities. Most senior living communities are intended for independent adults, however, there are some that do offer the option to age within the community even as care needs increase. We will cover some of the most common senior living communities in Illinois in more detail below.

Independent Senior Living Communities in Illinois

Seniors interested in independent living communities in Illinois tend to be active, healthy adults. This is ideal since homes in these communities are built with mature adults in mind. They have a senior-friendly layout and the homes are smaller for easier maintenance. That being said, senior independent living communities do not offer healthcare services or assisted living services within the community. Mature adults 55 and up who are able to care for themselves and are interested in living an active lifestyle among other mature adults will find solace in this community type.

Additional perks Illinois seniors will be able to enjoy within an independent living community are onsite beauty and grooming services, social clubs, dining, and even fitness centers. Laundry services and housekeeping are available in many communities, but not all. Special interest activities are also common within these communities which help the residents come together and form lasting relationships.

Age-Restricted Senior Living Communities in Illinois

Senior living communities that are age-restricted are created for mature adults over the age of 55. Active mature adults nearing retirement and those already retired and looking to downsize from larger homes are the main targets. These Illinois communities actively restrict who is able to reside within the community according to their age. There are a variety of amenities such as social clubs, community maintenance, and sometimes housekeeping services. Residents are expected to be independent, so extra services like home meals, medication distribution, and skilled care are not provided. 

• 55+ Communities in Illinois

Senior living communities that are restricted to mature adults 55 and older are ideal locations for those preparing for retirement. Illinois seniors or mature adults who want to downsize while also having the freedom to live life on their own terms will enjoy 55+ communities. The rules for each community will differ, but in general, at least one person in the household will need to meet the age threshold. Children are not allowed to reside within the community, however, visits are allowed and encouraged. There are dining options within most 55+ senior living communities and mass transit and medical centers are often within walking distance.

• 62+ Communities in Illinois

There are smaller homes, apartments, and condos which are easy for seniors to navigate, and many of the services are geared toward older residents specifically. These Illinois senior living communities are not only more affordable to live in, but also easier to maintain. The taxes in 62+ communities are lower and most utilities are also subsidized. Mature adults nearing or in retirement tend to be empty nesters. Living in a community with others on the same journey is a great way to find fellowship based on shared experiences. Though not always, some 62+ senior living communities offer transitional housing options, specifically under the CCRs guidelines. This enables residents to remain within the community as their care needs change.

Luxury Senior Living Communities in Illinois

Older adults who enjoy the finer things in life deserve to maintain their lifestyle even after they retire. Plenty of adults live frugally during their formative years just so they can retire in style. In both cases, luxury senior living communities offer the best there is to offer that money can buy. With resort-style living, gourmet meals, and upscale residences, there is no luxury that these communities don’t offer. Located in upscale areas of the state, luxury senior living communities offer posh living, the spa life, transportation, and more for seniors looking to get the most out of their golden years. Though living in an upscale community isn’t cheap, the amenities and atmosphere make up for the price. With posh residences, fine dining options, concierge medical care, and more, luxury senior living communities really put the “gold” in the golden years. Some communities may even offer continuing care so seniors can spend the rest of their lives in the lap of luxury.

Popular Senior Living Communities in Illinois

Choosing a place to relocate once you retire is not always easy. Thankfully, we are here to make things more efficient. We have put together a list of four of the most popular senior living communities in Illinois. You can also (click here) to find more senior living communities in your area.


Located in Plainfield, Illinois, Carillon's senior living community was the first of its kind in the Chicago area. Created for mature adults 55 and older, this gated community has a focus on golf. While seniors are able to find other entertainment at well, this lifestyle-focused senior living community is a dream come true for the golf obsessed. There are single-family homes, condos, townhouses, and more to choose from. Dance studios, coordinated dances, parties, senior dinners, and even theatrical productions are just a few of the social activities offered within the community. Neighborhood maintenance is included in the HOA fee and both shopping and medical care are located nearby.

Rob Roy Country Club Village

Mature adults that love Lake Michigan and have a penchant for golfing will enjoy senior living at Rob Roy Country Club Village. This sprawling community is located in Prospect Heights and offers a number of residence styles for active older adults. In addition to offering low-maintenance homes, there is a broad range of amenities that will make any senior's golden years that much more enjoyable. There are several pools, an 18-hole golf course, walking trails, and plenty of other sports-based activities within the community. Grounds maintenance is included in the HOA fees so seniors never have to worry about plowing snow or raking leaves. There are fine dining options within the community and nearby along with plenty of grocery stores and medical centers a short distance away.

Lake Point Tower

Some seniors never really want to leave the big city, even when they are considering retirement. For active adults looking to keep their fingers on the pulse of the city, Lake Point Tower is a great option. Located in the heart of Downtown Chicago, this senior living community has a lot to offer. Its located nearby Lake Michigan and residents are afforded amazing views of the city’s historic architecture. There are plenty of shops and services inside of the building for homebodies and nearby for seniors looking for a bit more adventure. Amenities include fitness center access, pool access, and plenty of nature around the building. Condo living is generally low-maintenance and the senior living community within the building is both trendy and supportive.

Saddlebrook Farms

One of the great things about senior living communities in the state is that mature adults and seniors will have room to enjoy their retirement. Saddlebrook Farms is located on 720 acres of prime, natural farmland. There are more than a hundred acres of lakes for seniors to explore and enjoy on top of the nature preserves filled with wildlife. Though not an overly modern community, Saddlebrook Farms senior living community offers seniors a chance to unplug and unwind after years of being on the grind. Residents are able to lease the land and purchase the homes they desire to spend their golden years within. The quaint cottage-style homes, fitness and wellness offerings, and miles of trails will help support senior health and mental clarity. Shopping, fine dining, and medical care are also a short 20 minutes’ drive from the community making it easy to get the best of the big city and rural country all in one place.

Amenities of Illinois Senior Living Apartments

While Illinois can suffer from snowy and frigid winters, most Illinois senior citizen apartments are equipped to handle cold temperatures with high quality heating systems and premium insulation. It’s definitely a good thing to double check before signing a lease with any affordable senior housing facility in Illinois.

Along with having a rich history and so many landmarks to visit with a loved one, friends and/or family, Illinois is also a fantastic transportation hub connecting retirees to the rest of the world. Chicago O’Hare International Airport has long been one of the world’s busiest and will get you anywhere in the world. The Port of Chicago also connects people through the Great Lakes and Mississippi river.

Common Questions About Senior Living Communities in Illinois

What types of senior living options are available in Illinois?

Illinois offers a range of senior living options including independent living, assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing facilities. Cities like Chicago, Naperville, and Springfield have a variety of choices to cater to different needs.

How much does senior living cost on average in Illinois?

The cost of senior living in Illinois varies depending on the type of community and location. On average, assisted living in Illinois costs around $4,000 to $6,000 per month, with higher rates in metropolitan areas like Chicago and lower rates in smaller cities like Peoria.

What amenities are commonly offered in senior living communities in Illinois?

Senior living communities in Illinois often offer amenities such as fitness centers, communal dining, transportation services, social activities, and wellness programs. Locations like Rockford and Champaign boast beautiful outdoor spaces and recreational activities.

Are there senior living options with a focus on cultural activities in Illinois?

Yes, Illinois has senior living communities that cater to various cultural preferences. Cities like Evanston and Oak Park have communities with programs and activities celebrating diverse cultures, including art exhibitions, language classes, and culinary events.

How can I find senior living communities that offer specialized medical care in Illinois?

Illinois boasts several senior living communities with specialized medical care, particularly in areas like geriatric medicine and memory care. Locations like Peoria and Bloomington have renowned facilities that provide personalized medical services to residents.

Do senior living communities in Illinois provide transportation services for residents?

Yes, many senior living communities in Illinois offer transportation services for residents. This helps seniors access medical appointments, shopping centers, and cultural events. Cities like Aurora and Joliet have communities with reliable transportation options.

Are there pet-friendly senior living options in Illinois?

Certainly! Several senior living communities in Illinois are pet-friendly, allowing residents to bring their beloved pets. Locations like Schaumburg and Decatur have communities with pet-friendly policies, offering companionship and a warm environment for both seniors and their pets.

What should I consider when choosing a senior living community in Illinois?

When choosing a senior living community in Illinois, consider factors such as location, amenities, healthcare services, staff qualifications, cost, and social activities. Cities like Springfield and Peoria offer diverse options, allowing you to find a community that aligns with your preferences and needs.

Are there age-restricted senior apartments in Illinois?

Yes, Illinois has age-restricted senior apartments that offer independent living for older adults. Locations like Champaign and Rockford have communities specifically designed for seniors aged 55 and older, providing a sense of community and convenience.

Do senior living communities in Illinois organize social events and outings?

Absolutely! Many senior living communities in Illinois organize regular social events and outings to keep residents engaged and connected. Cities like Naperville and Evanston have communities that offer a wide range of activities, including art classes, day trips, and cultural performances.

Are there luxury senior living options in urban areas of Illinois?

Yes, urban areas in Illinois like Chicago offer luxury senior living options that provide upscale amenities and services. These communities cater to seniors who seek a high standard of living and often include features like gourmet dining, spa facilities, and concierge services.

How can I find affordable senior living communities in Illinois?

To find affordable senior living communities in Illinois, consider exploring cities like Peoria and Decatur, which tend to have lower cost options. Additionally, research state and local programs that offer financial assistance to seniors seeking affordable housing solutions.

Do senior living communities in Illinois offer memory care for individuals with dementia?

Yes, many senior living communities in Illinois offer specialized memory care programs for individuals with dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Cities like Aurora and Oak Park have facilities equipped with trained staff and supportive environments to cater to the unique needs of residents with memory issues.

Are there religiously affiliated senior living communities in Illinois?

Certainly! Illinois has senior living communities that are affiliated with various religious denominations. Cities like Elgin and Belleville offer options that integrate faith-based values, including spiritual services, prayer groups, and activities that align with specific religious beliefs.

What senior living options are available for veterans in Illinois?

Veterans in Illinois can access senior living options that cater to their needs. Locations like Rock Island and Quincy have veterans' homes that offer assisted living and nursing care, providing services specifically designed for those who have served in the armed forces.

How do I research the reputation of senior living communities in Illinois?

Researching the reputation of senior living communities in Illinois involves reading online reviews, visiting communities in person, and seeking recommendations from friends, family, or healthcare professionals. Cities like Peoria and Joliet have communities with strong reputations for quality care and services.

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