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Missouri, like a lot of the Midwest, is unfortunately overlooked not only in all it has to offer but also its appropriateness for the elderly looking to find a new apartment or senior living community for the later years of their life. Missouri senior housing is among the most overlooked in the nation due to the state’s low cost of living and even lower housing costs.

The state of Missouri also features a nice blend of big city entertainment and culture, along with the traditional slower pace and style of Midwest America. With over six million residents, Missouri is far from barren as many live in the expansive urban environments of St. Louis, Kansas City, Columbia and Springfield. The state’s capital of Jefferson City, located near the Missouri river, is another popular destination for senior apartments for rent in Missouri.

There are so many options when it comes to choosing where to retire, however, Missouri, the show me state, should be a top pick. The hospitality here is legendary which is what draws seniors from all over to senior living communities in Missouri. Nestled in the heart of the US, there is adventure, clean air, rich culture, and plenty of sports to keep seniors entertained and alert. The cost of living is rather low making it one of the most affordable places for retirees. The healthcare in the state is also top of the line and most senior living communities in Missouri are situated near to health centers. For Military Veterans, the state offers unique resources which can be claimed through the AFB or The Army Fort. The tax benefits are another draw, though many delights in the big city amenities offered amidst country living.

Types of Senior Living Communities in Missouri

The last thing most mature adults want to worry about once they retire is keeping up with a large property. Instead of spending the golden years on home maintenance, relocating to a senior living community is a more efficient option. Identifying the nuances between each community type will ensure that the option chosen best fits your needs. There are continuing care senior living communities for adults who want to ensure their future care needs are met. There are also lifestyle-specific communities such as those that are LGBTQ+ friendly as well as faith-based communities. Senior living communities that are age-restricted or age-targeted are also common options within Missouri.

Affordable Senior Housing in Missouri

Missouri, also known as the “Show-Me” state certainly shows phenomenal prices! The average senior housing or apartment for rent in Missouri is priced at $2,000 per month. That figure is below the national average and affordable senior apartments in Missouri can drop as low as $900 to $1,000 per month.

Glendale, Webster Groves, Creve Coeur, Ladue, Kirkwood, Clayton and Brentwood are all considered some of the finest places for senior housing in Missouri and have a high contingent of seniors residing in the area. You can discover some of the best apartment units in these areas.

Are you a senior in Missouri living on a fixed income that needs to downgrade or find something cheaper? Communities like Dexter, Kennett, Poplar Bluff, Neosho, Webb City and Carthage have some of the lowest home values in the state and consequently very affordable senior housing in Missouri.

Moving in with a pet? In the past, it was difficult to find senior housing in Missouri that was pet-friendly. That has changed over the decades as management has discovered how important pets are to the well-being of all people, especially seniors, and how they are also part of a family. As a result, most senior apartments in Missouri allow small pets like cats or dogs these days though you may have to pay extra every month and/or put down a side deposit for your pet. Be sure to check with any senior citizen apartment complexes about their policy before committing to anything if you have pets!

Independent Senior Living Communities in Missouri

In Missouri, independent senior living communities are created to cater to the needs of mature adults nearing or in retirement. There are a lot of advantages for seniors living in these communities. The homes are created to cater to the needs of mature adults and most communities have transportation options available. The residents are all mature adults which means making friends with be easier. Seniors will be able to stay in shape in the fitness centers located in the community. Some also offer dining halls and social centers for community hobbies and gatherings. Missouri senior living communities do not offer medical or in-home personal support for their residents.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities in Missouri

Continuing-care retirement communities are a place for mature adults who enter healthily but want options for changing health needs. There are several types of accommodations in CCRCs in Missouri for seniors to avail. In almost every instance, seniors must enter a CCRC community and reside in an independent living accommodation. As care needs change or as the resident ages, they are able to transfer to a memory care space, assisted living home, or even into a hospice facility within the community. Missouri CCRCs typically have a number of licensed facilities within their communities, and the specialized care helps older residents to maintain a better quality of life through their retirement.

Luxury Senior Living Communities in Missouri

Older adults who are used to a life of ease and luxury can continue their lifestyle even in retirement. Missouri luxury senior living communities are created to offer posh living for the upscale senior. These communities are located in some of the best locations in the state with breathtaking views. Single-family homes, high-end apartments, or even spacious condos over the water are just a few living options available. Certain upscale communities may offer continuing care while others may have a lifestyle focus. Medical care may be available within the community, however, transportation to and from local healthcare centers is common. Gourmet dining, specialized fitness and wellness programs, as well as focused social activities, are also common. Luxury senior living communities provide the best life for seniors looking to spend their retirement in resort-style living.

Age-Restricted Senior Living Communities in Missouri

In Missouri, age-restricted senior living communities are retirement divisions for mature adults that have reached the age of 55 or older. The cost of living in this community will vary, and some residences are available for rent while others may be for purchase only. Residences tend to be senior-friendly and there are certain tax perks that come from living in an age-restricted senior living community.

55+ Senior Living Communities in Missouri

Senior living communities for mature adults 55 and older are targeted toward those who are still self-sufficient. Single mature adults over 55 and couples with at least one member meeting the age threshold are allowed to join these communities. The housing types vary and the locations tend to offer a mix of country quiet paired with nearby city convenience. Popular dining locations and plenty of entertainment options are typically located nearby each community. Medical care is never far away and there are many social activities and wellness centers located inside of the 55+ senior living community.

62+ Senior Living Communities in Missouri

Seniors interested in downsizing their life and moving to an area with other older adults will enjoy 62+ senior living communities. Residents will be able to rent or buy a home that is built to be senior-friendly. With lower maintenance needed and lower bills, retirement living has never been so sweet. 62+ senior living communities typically offer a diverse range of social activities, clubs, and wellness programs to keep their residents fit and active. Dining is available both within the community and in the nearby areas. Medical care, shopping, and other attractions are also amenities readily available in these age-restricted communities.

Popular Senior Living Communities in Missouri

Alexander Creek – This senior living community in Raymore, Missouri is only for adults ages 55+. There are 190 senior-friendly homes in the community and it is nestled nearby Lee’s Summit just off of Interstate 49. Those who move to this community can spend less time taking care of their property and more time enjoying their golden years. The community areas, yards, and other seasonal maintenance are taken care of by the community HOA. There are many walking trails in the area, a fitness center and clubhouse for residents to enjoy, and plenty of other amenities within a short distance. The larger shopping centers are just under four miles away from the community and there are also several Museums and tourist areas to discover.

Pickering Place – Belton, Missouri is an ideal location for mature adults looking to retire in style. Specifically, the Pickering Place senior living community offers a wide range of home styles for mature adults 55 and up. There are single family homes, triplexes, condos, and more. Kansas City is just a short drive away for those who want to stay on top of trends or just spend a day out in the town. Within the community, there is a clubhouse for social activities and plenty of trails to help keep seniors active and fit. The community also features patio space, scenic parks, an exercise building, and even a billiards hall. Fine dining, crockery stores, and medical care is also just a short drive away from the senior community.

Windmill Country Estates – For seniors interested in spending their retirement in spacious homes in a private setting, this is an ideal location. This senior living community is located in Peculiar, Missouri, and offers a low-maintenance option for mature adults. The private community is just a half hour away from the main city and there is plenty of shopping to be found in the surrounding areas. There are just under 70 homes in the area which means that residents will be able to form strong relationships in the small community. The common areas, seasonal cleaning, and even trash and recycling are all handled by the HOA to ease the burden of home maintenance. Aside from grounds care, there are plenty of activities such as the annual fish fry, the ladies' lunches’, billiards nights, and even breakfast clubs.

Meadows of Wildwood – Seniors interested in living near St. Louis but also looking for a low-maintenance lifestyle will enjoy the Meadows. This senior living community is made up of 65 single family homes for mature adults 55 and up. There is a clubhouse, fitness center, and plenty of nature walks to keep residents fit and active. This smaller age-restricted community sits within a larger planned community. The advantage is that seniors are able to enjoy lower prices and taxes while still getting the perks of a large housing division. Plenty of shops, grocery stores, restaurants, and entertainment hot spots are available in the surrounding areas.

Heritage of Hawk Ridge – Golf-loving seniors will love this senior living community for a variety of reasons. Located just off of Highway 40, the gated community for 55+ adults offers beautiful homes, plenty of golfing, and a relaxing route to retirement. The homes are senior-friendly and easy to maintain with HOA taking care of grounds care and common areas. The giant clubhouse is perfect for community events, resident parties, and more. There are also plenty of social clubs and fitness centers within the community to keep seniors as healthy as possible.

Features of Missouri Senior Housing for Rent

A good share of quality senior housing rentals in Missouri is spread across the state and is not very competitive, so you don’t have to fight others and make quick, rash decisions to find the next place of your dreams.

These senior apartment units are not only comfortable and stylish but provide convenient access to the region’s tasty St. Louis-style and Kansas City-style barbecue. If you love a good BBQ, then you would be hard pressed to find better food than what exists in Missouri.

Along with its food, the state is well renowned for its rich music scene of Kansas City jazz and blues, as well as ragtime that goes together smoothly with quality beer and wine that is locally produced.

Common Questions About Senior Living Communities in Missouri

1. What types of senior living communities are available in Missouri?

Missouri offers a variety of senior living options, including independent living, assisted living, memory care, and nursing homes. Each type caters to different needs and levels of care. Cities like Kansas City, St. Louis, and Springfield have a range of choices.

2. What is the cost of living in a senior community in Missouri?

The cost of living in a senior community in Missouri varies depending on the type of community and location. On average, independent living may range from $1,500 to $4,000 per month, while assisted living can range from $3,000 to $5,000. Memory care and nursing homes may be higher, especially in larger cities like Kansas City and St. Louis.

3. Are there financial assistance programs for seniors in Missouri?

Yes, Missouri offers financial assistance programs for seniors, including Medicaid and the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program. Veterans may also qualify for benefits. Eligibility requirements and benefits may vary by city, so it's essential to check with local agencies for specific details.

4. How do I choose the right senior living community in Missouri?

Choosing the right senior living community in Missouri involves considering factors like location, cost, services, and the level of care needed. It's essential to visit communities, talk to staff and residents, and review inspection reports. Cities such as Columbia, Jefferson City, and Independence have excellent options to explore.

5. What amenities are typically offered in senior living communities in Missouri?

Senior living communities in Missouri often offer amenities such as fitness centers, dining facilities, recreational activities, transportation services, and communal spaces. The specific amenities can vary by community and city. For instance, Springfield may have unique outdoor amenities, while St. Charles could offer cultural activities.

6. Can I bring my pet to a senior living community in Missouri?

Many senior living communities in Missouri are pet-friendly. However, there are often restrictions on the type and size of pets allowed. It's best to inquire about the specific pet policies of the community you are interested in. Cities like Chesterfield and O'Fallon may have pet-friendly options.

7. What is the difference between independent living and assisted living in Missouri?

Independent living in Missouri offers a more self-reliant lifestyle for seniors, with minimal assistance. Assisted living provides additional support with daily activities. The choice depends on the individual's needs and preferences. Cities like Lee's Summit and St. Joseph have both types of communities available.

8. Are there senior living communities with specialized memory care in Missouri?

Yes, Missouri has senior living communities that offer specialized memory care for individuals with Alzheimer's or dementia. Cities like Ballwin and Florissant have memory care options within senior living communities to provide specialized support and safety for residents with cognitive impairments.

9. What is the average age of residents in senior living communities in Missouri?

The average age of residents in senior living communities in Missouri typically ranges from the mid-70s to early 80s. However, there can be residents both younger and older, depending on individual circumstances and preferences. The age range may also vary from city to city.

10. Can I visit senior living communities in Missouri before making a decision?

Yes, it's highly recommended to visit senior living communities in Missouri before making a decision. Visiting allows you to assess the environment, meet staff and residents, and get a feel for the community. Many communities in cities like Blue Springs and Joplin welcome prospective residents for tours and visits.

11. Are there religious-based senior living communities in Missouri?

Yes, Missouri has senior living communities that cater to specific religious beliefs. These communities often provide spiritual support and activities in line with their faith. Whether you're looking for Catholic, Protestant, or other denominations, you can find options in cities like St. Peters and Cape Girardeau.

12. How can I determine if a senior living community in Missouri is licensed and accredited?

To verify if a senior living community in Missouri is licensed and accredited, you can contact the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS). They can provide information on licensing and any past inspections or violations. It's essential to ensure the community meets the necessary standards and regulations.

13. What services are included in the monthly fee for senior living communities in Missouri?

The services included in the monthly fee for senior living communities in Missouri can vary. Generally, it covers accommodation, meals, basic utilities, maintenance, and some recreational activities. Additional services like transportation, housekeeping, and personal care may have extra charges. It's important to clarify the specific services with the community.

14. Are there age restrictions for moving into senior living communities in Missouri?

Senior living communities in Missouri often have age restrictions, typically requiring residents to be at least 55 or 62 years old. Some communities may also have specific criteria related to health or mobility. These restrictions can vary from one community to another and from city to city.

15. Can I continue to see my own doctor while living in a senior living community in Missouri?

Yes, you can often continue to see your own doctor while living in a senior living community in Missouri. Many communities allow residents to keep their existing healthcare providers. Additionally, some communities may have on-site medical services or transportation to medical appointments for added convenience.

16. What is the process for moving into a senior living community in Missouri?

The process for moving into a senior living community in Missouri typically involves touring communities, meeting with staff, assessing your needs, completing paperwork, and arranging the move. It's advisable to start researching communities well in advance and coordinate with the chosen community for a smooth transition. Cities like St. Charles and Florissant offer multiple options for seniors.

17. Are there transportation services available for residents of senior living communities in Missouri?

Many senior living communities in Missouri offer transportation services for residents to attend medical appointments, shopping, and outings. However, the availability and extent of these services can vary. It's recommended to inquire about transportation options when considering a community, especially in cities like Chesterfield and St. Joseph.

18. Can I bring my own furniture and belongings to a senior living community in Missouri?

Yes, you can often bring your own furniture and personal belongings to a senior living community in Missouri. Many communities encourage residents to personalize their living spaces to create a comfortable and familiar environment. However, there may be size and safety considerations to ensure common areas remain accessible.

19. Are there senior living communities that offer continuing care in Missouri?

Yes, some senior living communities in Missouri offer continuing care or life plan communities. These communities provide a range of care options, from independent living to skilled nursing care, allowing residents to age in place without the need to relocate. They can be found in cities like Columbia and Joplin.

20. Do senior living communities in Missouri have security measures in place?

Yes, senior living communities in Missouri often have security measures in place to ensure the safety of residents. These measures may include secure entry systems, staff presence, emergency call systems, and monitoring. Security protocols can vary, so it's advisable to inquire about specific safety features when evaluating communities.

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