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What Amenities Do Assisted Living Facilities Provide?

Senior citizens have several options when it comes to choosing a retirement community to live in. Those who are largely independent can look for senior living options near them. Those seniors who find it challenging to keep up with daily activities such as preparing meals, running errands, having a bath and medication management may find that assisted living is the ideal living situation.

Assisted living homes are retirement communities that provide residents with the support they require while at the same time giving seniors the space they need to be as independent as possible.

Seniors today do not want to move into any senior living facility. Older adults are looking for well-operated facilities in beautiful locations that will offer safety, comfort, feelings of control and recreational opportunities. The elderly are also demanding unique and fun amenities to make sure that they thoroughly enjoy their post-retirement years.

Assisted living residences over the years have been improving to offer unique amenities that golden agers enjoy. Let us have a look at some of the amenities that senior citizens can enjoy once they transition into assisted living.

Tangible Amenities in Assisted Living

There are certain amenities in assisted living facilities that we call “tangible”, or physical amenities. They can be the following:

Fitness Centers

A great assisted living facility is one that looks after the well-being of residents as a whole. A majority of these retirement communities typically have fitness areas where elders can participate in various age-appropriate exercise programs. Some even have fitness trainers to make sure that resident’s bodies’ move and their minds remain sharp.

Restaurants or 24-Hour Cafes

Most assisted living residences serve occupants at least three meals every day with snacks in-between. Some picky eaters with discriminating palates will want to take advantage of restaurants available in some senior living communities. Restaurants in assisted living communities allow the elderly to have something different from what the kitchen serves. These usually have different meal plans, drinks, foods, and snacks that senior citizens can choose to curb any cravings they may have during the day or night. Some even have cocktail lounges where occupants can enjoy a nightcap.

Private Dining Areas

Many facilities offer private dining areas so that retired adults can have a place to entertain when they have guests over. They are also open for celebrations, which might include anniversaries and birthdays.

Blooming Gardens and Patios

Many senior living facilities strive to offer a pleasant environment where seniors can spend quality time when they are not in their living quarters. Many retirement communities have well-manicured gardens that have benches where inhabitants can sit and take in fresh air as they admire the views. These may come with walking trails that allow senior citizens to move around and have a good time. Fields and woodlands also attract occupants who love nature.

On-site Beauty Salons and Barber Shops

On-site beauty salons and barber shops are usually put in place inside assisted living communities to make sure that aging individuals get pampered, stay neat and look good at all times. The full-service shops offer various services including manicures, pedicures, makeup application, cuts, styling, washing and other salon treatments. Some even have expert massage therapists who provide different stress-reducing massages that relax, maintain agility and renew.

On-site Libraries

Some aged adults enjoy spending time in the library to keep their minds sharp. With on-site libraries available in some assisted living communities, they can access different types of material from newspapers, magazines, and books. Some have computers that members of the older generation can use.

Game Parlors

Game parlors are excellent amenities that aging individuals can use inside assisted living communities to unwind as well as interact with their neighbors. Here they can take part in various competitions and have a great time. Examples of rooms inside game parlors in the communities include specific areas for playing bingo.

Swimming Pools

Some assisted living residences build indoor or outdoor swimming pools that residents can take advantage of. The elderly can use swimming pools for leisure or even to get fit through aqua exercises. The more luxurious assisted living options may have heated pools that occupants can use anytime they feel like without worrying about the weather.

Common Areas

Because many retirement communities usually have private accommodations, residents benefit from common areas where they can hang out with their peers. These are traditionally spaces where senior citizens can have a good laugh as they get to know one another.

It can be anything from TV rooms where occupants can gather to watch music, news or a movie or craft rooms and wood shops where inhabitants can enjoy their hobbies. These common areas help to keep members of the older generation engaged.

Functional Private Living Quarters

The amenities older adults prefer in assisted living facilities also determine the kind of accommodation they find attractive. Aging individuals will most likely choose rooms or houses where they can easily move around and access desirable features like:

  • Controlled temperature
  • Easy to use telephones
  • Cable TV
  • Internet access
  • Walk-in closets
  • Wheelchair accessible showers and toilets
  • Wall to wall carpeting
  • Emergency call systems

Occupants also appreciate the privacy they get living in their assisted living quarters. No one can budge into their quarters without knocking and asking for permission. This principle applies to staff members as well because they allow retirees to have their own space when they want to.

Movie Theaters

Many aged adults like to wind down by watching movies. It is one of the reasons why you are bound to find movie theaters in some assisted living communities. Move theaters in assisted living give residents a place where they can gather and watch their favorite films.

Safety Systems

Another appealing amenity that aging individuals may like about an assisted living center is the safety features that are put in place. In addition to emergency call systems, most assisted living homes are also well equipped to handle any disasters that may come their way. They usually put in place effective disaster preparedness plans to save all the residents in the event of such eventualities. Most also have walk-in showers, grab bars and wheelchair accessible areas to prevent falls.

Many also have smoke detection systems, sprinklers and fire alarms that help to boost security. When they know that they have their safety well taken care of it allows seniors to stay calm and happy without having to worry about safety.


Senior citizens do not always want to eat what the restaurant or dining service provider is serving. Some may want to cook a meal themselves, especially when they have guests around. Some retirement communities facilitate this by including a well-furnished kitchenette in their living quarters. These may feature refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, toaster, utensils, and dishwashers.

Parking Spaces

Aged adults who still drive or want to use their cars could benefit from living in an assisted living facility that offers adequate parking spaces. Some assisted living communities have covered parking spaces and reserve parking for their residents. The area is also well lit so that elders can see where they are going even when they arrive at night.

Non-Tangible Amenities in Assisted Living

You can also refer to this as the services that residents get in the assisted living residences. Examples of such services include:

Personalized Care Plans

Perhaps one of the most prominent and essential services that the assisted retirement communities offer is availing customized care plans. Such care plans make sure that all occupants receive the type of care they require without any complications. Senior citizens usually go through an evaluation so that caregivers can know what their needs are. Some seniors may require memory care assisted living with many caregiving hours every week, while others may only need a few hours of assisted living services per week.

Staff members then use the results to ensure that residents get the services that will benefit them the most in old age. It means that the members of the older generation do not have to worry about blanket services that they may not even need. Evaluation of needs is usually continuous so that caregivers can make the necessary arrangements.

Pet-Friendly Assisted Living

Professionals who run assisted living centers realize the benefits of pet therapy. Pets help their owners to stay connected and stay more relaxed. They also present a wide array of health benefits including lowering blood pressure. It is the reason that assisted living with pets is possible so that older adult residents can move in with their pets.

Staff members help the older adults to look after their animals in areas where the elderly need assistance. Some facilities even have their own pets or bring pets from shelters and rescue groups to visit often.

Medication Management

Some assisted living facilities include on-site medication as well as assistance in the services they provide. This comforts retirees and their loved ones because they know that staff members will make sure that occupants take scheduled medication on time every day. It is considered a convenient amenity because older adults receive their medicine correctly without having to visit a doctor or a pharmacist.

Specialized Classes

Many assisted living communities allow aged adults to continue pursuing the things they love by holding certain specialized classes. These can include things like art or music classes. Some will even have full stages where residents can watch musicals and plays. Social-coordinators may also bring in various types of entertainment including magicians, activities and games so that aged adults can engage in multiple enjoyable activities.

Different Types of Chores

Many seniors appreciate the fact that moving to assisted living usually means that one no longer has to do yard work, housekeeping, and other chores. Residents do not have to be concerned about things such as preparing meals, grocery shopping, home maintenance and making appointments if they do not want to. Professionals and management of assisted living communities are in charge of such chores and ensure that the elderly only do the things that bring them joy.

Transportation Services

Almost all assisted living homes offer transportation services. It comes in handy especially for the senior citizens who cannot get behind the wheel for one reason or another. Many senior living communities have shuttle services that ferry inhabitants to and from appointments, shopping sprees, and to visit attractions.

Some elders prefer that they use their cars even when they cannot drive. In such circumstances, the residences may organize professional drivers who take the aging individuals to their desired destination and bring them back to the community.

Community Outings

Senior living facilities do not force older adults to stay in the communities 100% of the time. The facilities usually allow freedom of movement where occupants can move in and go as they please. Some even go ahead to arrange for community outings where groups of members of the older generation go out and visit new places. It is an excellent move because it not only helps retired adults to have a great time, but they also broaden their horizons by learning new things.

Community Concerts

Things also get interesting in the assisted living homes. Staff members usually arrange for different types of entertainment on the grounds. It is where they may invite bands, or any other professionals to come in and put on a show for the seniors. This helps to mix things up so that occupants do not get bored with routine tasks.

Proximity to Various Things of Interest

There are times when a retiree will only move into a facility because it is in a particular neighborhood that is surrounded by the things they love. For instance, some older adults may want to settle in a place that is close to a church/synagogue/mosque or any other house of worship, library, farmers market, train station, airport, golf course, hospital, or school. They choose such homes because they know that if they want to access a particular place of interest, it will be nearby and they will not need a long commute.

Internet Access

Most elderly people will not think of moving into a senior living facility if it does not have reliable and robust internet access. Senior citizens have smartphones and other gadgets that they can use with ease. They use the Internet to stay up to date with what is happening around them. Many seniors are also on social media where they connect with their relatives and friends.

Religious Services

There is an increase of religious-based assisted living homes. Investors realize that seniors want to be close to their beliefs and faith in their golden years. For this reason, religious services may be an excellent amenity for someone who wants to transition into assisted living. It is because seniors get to retire in a place where they can practice their religion without any interference or judgments.

Different assisted living communities usually have various services and amenities. It is up to you or your loved one to identify the ones you cannot live without. Once you have a list, start looking for the facilities that have most if not all of the facilities you are looking for. This will ensure senior citizens have the very best in their formative later years.



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