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Presbyterian Senior LivingPresbyterian senior living and assisted living facilities are faith-based long term care homes dedicated to caring for the elderly. Families who seek a Presbyterian senior living facility are looking for the peace of mind that comes with knowing their loved one will be surrounded by like-minded people who also will ensure they are well cared for. Living in faith-based assisted living homes will give you strength in knowing that your money is being well spent in a way that benefits residents as opposed to feeding a profit-based service.

What Is the Presbyterian Senior Living Difference?

Most people work hard their whole lives with the hope of retiring in relative comfort. As a person ages, some of their needs will decrease while others increase. One of the most oppressive needs elderly people encounter is medical care. There are many insurance packages on the market and even state-sponsored assistance for those who need it, but in many cases, both options simply fall short. This can result in retirees using some or all of their savings simply to maintain a basic level of health as they age.

Many seniors who choose not to live on their own will stay with their adult children or other family members. In these cases, seniors may be able to mitigate much of the cost of their care while still spending their remaining years in comfort. Sadly, not everyone will have access to these options. Sometimes, seniors simply don’t have family members who live nearby, or they may not have anyone at all. In some cases, their loved ones simply are unable to offer the care needed as the seniors age.

Presbyterian senior living and assisted living homes are not much different than your typical senior assisted living facility. Each home offers a wide range of services and support including memory care for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. One of the most important differences between Presbyterian senior living and traditional assisted living homes is the billing.

Most Presbyterian senior living facilities will base the monthly fees on the income level of the resident. The level of care and support needed will be evaluated against their monthly income or ability to pay. Some homes may even provide all essential care required at little to no extra expense for those who qualify. Presbyterian long-term care homes are typically not for profit, which allows them to give seniors the care they need during their golden years. Traditional senior care homes, on the other hand, operate on a for-profit basis which means that you or your family member will select a care package that falls within your budget. In the event that you are unable to meet the monthly charges in a traditional care setting, it will result in automatic discharge.

Why Choose Presbyterian Assisted Living Communities?

Presbyterian senior living communities offer all levels of care for seniors and retirees. This includes skilled nursing care for those with medical conditions, specialty services such as memory care, hospice care, and even convalescence. Everyone wants to spend their golden years in as much comfort as possible, and these years will be more pleasurable when surrounded by others with a similar mindset.

For families or individuals who are looking for a caring community where they can surround themselves with other senior citizens, this is a golden opportunity. The Presbyterian tradition of attention and service is much different than typical senior care. The caregivers do more than just watch over the residents, they infuse their care with a higher level of kindness and consideration that marks the Presbyterian faith.

Is Presbyterian Assisted Living Affordable?

Assisted living homes, retirement communities, and nursing homes all provide a much-needed service to the aging population. Most of these communities offer specialized care, skilled nursing, therapy and much more for their residents. As a result, living in a guided care facility will generate some cost outside of basic room and board. Insurance and Medicare may help mitigate some of these costs, but with faith-based care the billing is much different.

Senior living communities run by Presbyterian faith providers are usually more affordable than traditional assisting living care. This is due mainly to the fact that most, if not all Presbyterian retirement communities are non-profit facilities. In addition to managing Presbyterian assisted living homes on a not for profit basis, the costs of many of the services are supplemented by charitable donations and financial support from the community along with other interested parties.

Should I Choose In-Home Care or a Presbyterian Assisted Living Facility?

As a person ages, living alone may become much more difficult. Your loved one may need in-home senior care if they are facing trouble managing simple tasks or errands required to thrive. If you’ve been taking care of them for as long as you can remember, it may be time to look at your options. First, talk to your primary care provider about the problems your loved one is experiencing. Your doctor can tell you the things you can start with as far as care options go and give you information about senior care facilities. They can also tell you the level of care your loved one may need.

The smallest form of care is simply a companion to visit your loved one every day or every week. This companion can help them run errands, transport them to doctor appointments and take them to events. Most seniors don’t drive so having someone who can drive them to places is key to making them feel independent.

On the other end of the care, options are fully assisted living care in-home care aid. This is a care provider who stays with your loved one 24 hours a day. This is intensive but is required by some seniors in their time of need. This is also one of the most expensive care options available. This level of care is for those who have severe mobility issues and have trouble going about their daily routine. Help is right there if they ever need it and they will always have a companion to help them keep up with their regular meals and medication schedules.

Presbyterian assisted living homes are another option for those who need the support and care of a retirement community. Presbyterian assisted living facilities offers faith-based services at a discounted rate for those in need while also offering a community of like-minded individuals.

Senior care isn’t cheap but it is worth every penny. If you value the quality of your loved one’s life, you will take the right steps to make sure they are okay. You’ll find relief and extra time on your hands and your loved one will have their own freedom as well.

How Do Donations Affect Services & Charges in Presbyterian Senior Living?

Charitable donations help to reduce the cost of skilled nursing care, housekeeping services, medical services and all other services offered in the Presbyterian retirement home. This allows residents of all income levels to have access to compassionate care and monitored living situations often required as the aging process progresses.

There are many assisted living facilities for seniors that are religiously associated, not only Presbyterian. Some other religion-based options include Jewish assisted living, Christian assisted living and Catholic assisted living. The symbiotic relationship between not for profit senior care facilities and charitable donations allow for a higher number of the senior population to gain compassionate care to live out their lives independently.

Thanks to the donations, quality medical care, and long-term assistance are provided at a lower cost for seniors who are on a fixed income. In many cases, many seniors who avail of these services would otherwise be unable to afford to stay in a senior assisted living home. This help is the main goal of Presbyterian aged care homes and other faith-based long-term care facilities.

Are Presbyterian Senior Living Centers Only for Members?

Presbyterian assisted living facilities are a faith-based service; however, those services are available for seniors from all walks of life. That means that no matter what your faith is or the amount of your base income, you are able to avail the long-term care services offered at a Presbyterian senior home. Presbyterian nursing homes and other faith-based retirement communities aim to help the senior community in a fair and ethical manner regardless of religion, color, income or orientation.

What Type of Care Is Offered in Presbyterian Senior Care Homes?

A Presbyterian assisted living facility is not much different than a traditional retirement home or assisted living community. Presbyterian assisted living locations provide a complete range of senior care services such as:

  • Room & Board
  • Basic medical care
  • Social activities
  • Nutritious meals
  • Daily assistance with basic tasks
  • Housekeeping
  • Physical therapy
  • And much more!

The point of an assisted living care home is to help seniors live as independently as possible in a safe and monitored environment. The shared areas and activities help seniors to feel connected with their community while still maintaining independence.

Extended Care for Seniors in Presbyterian Senior Living

Naturally, as a person ages their needs may changes. In some cases, a resident may require memory care services and in others, they may need more intensive medical or even hospice care. As the needs of the resident change, so does the care provided in a Presbyterian assisted living community.

Residents that require additional health care services or recuperative care will get the assistance they need without having to move to another location. The whole point of Presbyterian assisted living facilities is to ensure an elderly person is able to remain active and interested in their lives while maintaining their self-respect. The comfort of the security and assistance offered in a Presbyterian assisted living facility is an added bonus.

Are All Presbyterian Assisted Living Homes the Same?

While most faith-based assisted living facilities will offer similar facilities and payment terms, there are differences between each location. Just like traditional long-term care and assisted living facilities, it is important to research and visit any location prior to enrollment.

While the cost of Presbyterian assisted living homes may be lower than many other options, it is important to ensure that the home you chose for yourself or your loved one will fit your needs. Higher monthly fees don’t always equal better services, and lower fees don’t mean that there are fewer facilities offered for residents.

Presbyterian assisted living facilities often offer senior care that surpasses traditional nursing homes in terms of quality and compassion. Faith-based senior care also tends to be more compassionate and understanding of each person’s preferences. That being said, not all Presbyterian assisted living homes are able to offer the same range of services in every area.

If you or your loved one have special medical needs, require memory care, or have other concerns, it is important to ensure that the facility is able to accommodate your needs.

What to Expect with Presbyterian Senior Living?

Most Presbyterian retirement communities offer independent living solutions to fit a wide range of budgets, preferences, and lifestyles. Depending on where you are seeking to reside, there may be several floor plans to choose from. In addition to actual lodgings, there are several dining plans and extra service plans to cover just about any medical or social needs you can imagine.

As a long-term resident, you can expect your needs to change as time passes, and the services offered will also change to meet your needs. Supportive care is available such as:

The caregivers at Presbyterian retirement communities care about you and your loved ones and are dedicated to creating a welcoming and helpful environment regardless of their care needs. The assisted living environment will help residents to obtain the support they need at a level that is customized to meet their personal requirements.

Here at Senior Guidance, we are dedicated to helping you and your family find the right type of care to fit the needs of your loved one. We have a large pool of information for seniors and their families in addition to a service locator tool that allows you to find Presbyterian senior living near you.



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