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Faith is something that many seniors hold dear to their lives. Whether it is a recent discovery or it has been offering sustenance through different phases of life, older adults tend to prioritize spiritual life, especially during their formative later years.

It is, therefore, not surprising that senior living communities are starting to find ways to meet the spiritual needs of their residents. Today, one can identify various faith based retirement communities, including Jewish senior living, Catholic senior living and Christian assisted living, allowing retirees to age in a lovely environment that supports their sacred beliefs.

Among the most popular options are the protestant senior living facilities. These cater to occupants who belong to various Protestantism denominations like Baptist, Lutheran, Anglican, Methodist, Quakerism, Presbyterian, Pentecostal and many others. Read on to uncover more essential details about these lovely retirement homes.

Define Protestant Assisted Living Communities?

These are facilities that offer senior care services to the elderly who view or refer to themselves as Protestants. It does not mean that they shut everyone else out. Majority f these communities also welcome older adults who subscribe to other faiths and beliefs. The unique aspect of these types of homes is that they honor and encourage aging individuals to participate in various church activities, rituals, and ceremonies.

What to Expect from Protestant Senior Living Facilities

Just because these senior living residences operate with faith as their cornerstone, it does not mean that they neglect the other services that assisted living facilities are supposed to offer.

The communities offer a wide variety of services that help golden agers to thrive in their post-retirement years. It includes providing a helping hand when the elderly are in need and having different services that look after the mind, soul, and body some that include:

Social Engagements

Residing in the assisted senior living centers fosters an environment where retired persons can benefit from social engagement with their peers. Many homes have additional group activities, social gatherings, trips and ample space on their campuses that open up opportunities for neighbors to get to know each other. It is a move that assists aged persons to broaden their social circles as they identify friends who have similar interests and at times shared life experiences.

Activities and events that boost socialization can include cooking clubs, games, poetry, gardening, and singing groups. It permits occupants to continue enjoying their hobbies or identifying new interests that bring them happiness and joy.

Spiritual Nourishment

As the retirement communities look after the physical needs of the residents, they go a step further to ensure that elders also get satisfactory religious services. Some construct chapels on the grounds so that members of the older generation have a convenient place to worship and pray as often as they please. A majority also have full-time pastors, deacons, ministers, and other religious leaders as part of their staff so that inhabitants can access them anytime they require their services.

The ones that do not have such structures on site readily offer transportation so that aging individuals can access houses of worship with ease.

Personnel in the facilities hold the senior’s hand through their spiritual journey something that offers a feeling of significance and purpose for elders. They create a compassionate environment where residents can freely and comfortably express their religious beliefs. Here inhabitants can also thrive in an open atmosphere where they learn about the culture and other aspects of religion.

The residences also avail a variety of programs in their social calendars that make it possible for everyone on site to find profound prosperity and peace that spirituality and religion offers. It may include special observances like Vespers, prayer services, the celebration of Christian holidays, quiet time, hymn singing, and Bible study.

Physical Fitness

Wellness is a huge part of the retirement homes. They offer a broad range of classes and activities that retirees can engage in to promote physical fitness and wellness among all physical conditions and levels of ability. Staff members understand that physical fitness contributes to overall good health. Some residences may have:

  • A fitness center- these come well equipped with age-appropriate fitness equipment for strength training, and cardiovascular exercises. Some even have expert trainers who guide older adults on what they are supposed to do to achieve physical fitness.
  • Swimming Pools- many facilities have indoor or outdoor pools where golden agers can take part in various aquatic activities. They can swim for leisure or be part of therapeutic classes like water yoga, tai chi, Pilates, and arthritis exercises.

Intellectual Engagement

In addition to staying fit, having fun, and practicing religion, assisted living homes also help the elderly with a crucial aspect of their lives which is engaging the mind. The residences have programs that provide unique learning experiences that explore mental, spiritual, and cultural courses and exercises. Some even organize classes, book discussions, and lectures to satisfy the learning curiosity among retired persons.

Reasons Seniors Choose Protestant Assisted Living

Numerous perks await senior citizens in the faith-based retirement communities some that are listed below.

Shared Faith

The most apparent reason aged persons choose to spend their golden-years in Protestant assisted living homes is the fact that they get to practice their religion in an open environment free from judgment.

Trust that belief can be a huge source of security and strength offering both reassurance and familiarity. Experts also agree that it can help to enhance the quality of life. Religious people draw their strength from a higher power, which can make them have more zeal and courage to face even the most difficult circumstances without too many complications.

Clear Mission

Many faith-based retirement residences fall into the category of non-profit organizations. It implies that they do not only exist to make loads of money from the residents. Instead, any profits they get go back to the community to help in the delivery of satisfactory services.

Aged persons can, therefore, enjoy great peace of mind knowing that they are in a place that is run with stated missions and clear values in regards to how to treat occupants and conduct business.

Worry and Maintenance-free Living

Senior citizens also opt to stay in the communities because they are sure that they get to spend any free time the way they want. In the retirement communities, residents no longer have to worry about chores like housekeeping, laundry, cooking, and yard maintenance. There are professionals in charge of such allowing inhabitants to kick back and only participate in the things they enjoy.

Meal Plans

Another appealing aspect about the senior living homes is the fact that the elderly never have to cook when they do not want to. Many centers hire professional chefs who are responsible for making sure older adults meet their dietary needs. The experts usually collaborate with nutritionists who guide them on ingredients and menus to use primarily for the residents who have special needs.

Cost of Protestant Assisted Living Homes

There are no records to show that Protestant homes are cheaper or more expensive than the other categories of assisted living homes. It is mostly because retirees usually pay for the services that they need. Billing usually depends on the type of residence that a person chooses. Most facilities have a variety of options that include studios, one-bedroom apartments and others that have more space.

The type of care that seniors receive factors in demand when it comes to the amount that they will pay. For instance, a person who requires more hours from caregivers will pay more than the one who only needs an hour or two with the professionals.

The type of retirement center where one spends their post-retirement years can also determine how much they will end up paying. Should one opt to retire in a luxurious assisted living facility, they will have to add more money than the ones who choose to live in standard homes.

How to Find the Ideal Protestant Assisted Living Center Near You

Because there is no shortage of protestant assisted living communities, you or your loved one should spend some time to know the options available. Consulting your social circle can give you a list of homes to try out. Where possible, it may be best to ask your pastor or other heads of the church that may have an idea of some residences they can recommend.

Getting a list of facilities is the first step. You must conduct thorough research on your end to find out what they have to offer and asses whether they are the right fit for the person who will be spending time in the assisted living community.

To get an authentic picture of what the residences are all about, you cannot just rely on the information you source online or from friends and relatives. Spare some time to visit your top picks several times to make a decision that you will not end up regretting.

While visiting some of the facilities, here are some questions you can ask to put your mind at ease.

Can the Residence Handle All the Aged Person’s Care Needs?

Depending on the type of facility, qualification, and number of staff, some centers may be limited regarding the assistance they can offer. Some will only admit occupants who can transfer themselves while others have the manpower required to help a retired person transfer from wheelchairs to showers, beds, or chairs.

It is usually best that a representative from the community conducts an evaluation of the potential occupants to know if they can offer all the services they need to be comfortable and happy in old age.

How does the Home Meet Spiritual Needs?

It is essential to find out how the center takes care of the religious needs of the golden agers. Inquire about the specific denominations they cater to and how they make other aging individuals feel included. Visiting the place should let you know if there is a church on site. Find out how they conduct their services and who is in charge of leading these to know if the elder who will be spending most of their time on the grounds will be satisfied with what is the facility provides.

Ask what happens to the inhabitants who are not able to attend services within and without. Bed-ridden patients should also have an opportunity to worship. You may have to find another option if they segregate the seniors who are not in a position to move around.

Does the Community Have Continuing Care?

There are high chances that a retiree will not spend all their golden years in assisted living. Some changes may occur where they demand more care because of their health or physical situation. Be sure to ask questions about what happens when the needs of a resident change. Do they move them to another wing in the same facility or will you have to start searching for a residence that is more accommodating?

What do the Contracts Entail?

Before moving into a protestant assisted living residence, older adults typically have to sign a contract that stipulates the rules and regulations of their stay. Go through the document keenly to understand everything it entails. If it has any clauses that infringe on the rights of the occupants in any way, it is better to find a facility that puts the needs of the inhabitants first.

Are all the Staff Practicing Protestants?

Searching for a Protestant senior living facility usually means that a senior citizen wants to spend more time with like-minded people who share the same beliefs and faith. It does not only apply to the other residents but personnel as well. Note that the retirement communities may not be in a position to hire Protestants only to provide services that aging individuals require. In such a case, make sure to find out how the staff is taught to deal with the golden agers so that they feel like everyone around them respects their religion.

Elders in Protestant assisted living homes to report that they benefit from deeper relationships with their creator, fellow occupants, and residents. In addition to offering what other assisted living facilities have, the management is also aware of the aging senior’s spiritual needs. Personnel at these facilities do work round the clock to make sure they meet their residents’ religious needs in the best possible way.



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